What kind of medicine is the best effect?What medicine is the fastest for piglets?

This article tells you the problem of this little pig diarrhea.This problem is actually very simple, but many farmers have met.Many farmers are also asking this question. Today we will analyze the root of this question.

First of all, we must know that pigment is diarrhea. The most common is the piglets of the piglets. This is a bacterial infection, and this bacteria is E. coli.Therefore, to treat this kind of yellow and white diarrhea, first of all, it must be sterilized, that is, to destroy E. coli.So why does pigs have E. coli infection?

There are two reasons, one is the mother -oriented, the problem of sow milk, and the other is the problem of the pig’s growth environment.There are two parts in this environment, one is the problem of hygiene.The other part is the problem of temperature or humidity.Mother -derived milk problems, or that the hygiene conditions are not up to standard or the temperature is too low, etc. These reasons have induced a large number of E. coli in the piglet intestinal, and then triggers the piglets of piglets.Therefore, in addition to sterilization, the treatment of piglets, yellow and white diarrhea, but also solve the problem of sow milk, solve the problem of too low temperature and hygiene in the environment.

Then the E. coli mentioned above is currently considered to be more suitable for sterilizer: sulfate, and then combined with an amoxicillin.That is, amoxicillin+sulfate viscosin to treat this E. coli that triggers a small pork yellow and white diarrhea is very good.Since it is diarrhea, of course, in addition to sterilization, Chinese medicine is generally used.What kind of poplar flower, purslane, parcels, etc. this Chinese medicine can be used here. It is recommended that a complicated oral solution of these Chinese medicines here is called: Like Taibao.Use it to treat the piglets to treat yellow and white diarrhea, the effect is very good and the speed is relatively fast.

Therefore, the best and fastest and most appropriate solution for treating piglets is the three products mentioned above: amoxicillin+sulfate viscosin+Lixbao, two sterilization and one anti -diarrhea, double -effect unity, combination of Chinese and Western, effects, effects, effectsvery good.In addition, using this method to prevent yellow and white diarrhea and prevent various bacterial diarrhea of piglets have a good effect.For the diarrhea of the weaned piglets, in addition to the three above, you can also use the conservation too much to mix it for the piglets.

The other is that the sow’s milk should be purified, otherwise it is easy to cause the pig’s diarrhea due to poisonous sow milk with poison. Generally, the sow is mixed with the sow during pregnancy: the mother animals are too guaranteed+gram mold too much.Female animals are mainly to solve the problem of liver and kidney toxicity and drug residues. Kimmubi mainly solves its mold toxin.Another is that it is generally recommended to be weaning three days before giving birth. This is more than 20 days. This time is used for more than 20 days: Wang milk is too guaranteed, which can improve the quality of milk, and to eliminate maternal diarrhea.Okay, get better nutritional levels from milk.

The above is the detailed introduction of pig diarrhea, from sow breeding to the conditioning of sow milk to the environment to the environment to stop diarrhea and sterilization. Such a complete solution.As long as this scheme is performed, it can prevent and treat the piglets of piglets and the common bacterial diarrhea commonly used in piglets.

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