What kind of irregular menstruation is suitable for classic menstruation, do you really use it right?

Today, talk about Motherwort, because the pharmacies are the best to regulate menstruation and motherwort, mainly because it is an over -the -counter drug, the price is relatively affordable, and the name is very convenient to remember, so some women with irregular menstruation are usually reached by the irregular menstruation.The pharmacy loves motherwort, so is motherwort really suitable for everyone?What types of Motherwort is better for menstrual disorders?Let ’s explain it in detail through drug analysis. I believe that you have read this article, and you will have a clear understanding of Motherwort’s medicine, which is also helpful for your medication.

One: What are the symptoms of motherwort suitable for?

Motherwort is a traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation. It is mainly used for irregular menstruation caused by blood stasis. For example, the amount of menstruation is small, the menstrual period is not clean, and it can also be used for postpartum or after miscarriage. It can be seen through the indications.Menstrual disorders are divided into a large amount of menstruation or less menstrual flow. Menstruation can be eaten by maternity during the menstrual period in advance or after menstruation.If there is a lot of menstrual flow, it is not suitable for motherwort.

Motherwort granules can be used to regulate qi stagnation and blood stasis (due to the unwavering of the aircraft caused by blood stasis) type and irregular menstruation caused by the physique of the palace cold.

Motherwort has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis (promoting blood operation, eliminating blood stasis in the body), and regulating menstruation and pain.

When women come to menstruation, if there is abdominal pain, cold lower abdomen, low menstrual flow, and black blocks, etc., it may be due to the blood stasis of qi stagnation (because the air machine is not allowed to cause blood stasis) or the Gonghan HouseAs a result, in this case, you can take motherwort granules to play a role in promoting blood circulation.When there is blood stasis, you can see from the bottom of the tongue or when the menstruation can be seen.

Two: Motherwort is not suitable for what symptoms. Although Motherwort is very economical and affordable, some symptoms are not good for motherwort.

① For the less menstrual flow caused by yin -blood deficiency, it cannot be used for motherwort. The irregular menstruation caused by less yin and blood loss is mainly manifested as a low menstrual flow, light menstruation, fatigue, dry mouth, dizziness, poor complexion, pulse, pulse, pulsethin.

② If a woman does not come after the menstrual cycle is pushed, but because there is no contraceptive measures in the same room, it is likely to be caused by menstrual disorders caused by pregnancy.It may cause threatened abortion, even natural abortion.

③ If women are disordered by ovarian endocrine dysfunction, ovulation -free and bloody manifestations are caused. Because there will be continuous vaginal bleeding at this time, it is also forbidden to drink pupil particles.

④ The amount of menstruation caused by qi and blood deficiency is not suitable for the use of motherwort, because motherwort is promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which will aggravate qi and blood deficiency.

The above is a rough situation. Of course, there are many reasons for menstrual disorders. If menstrual disorders occur, it is best to seek medical treatment first to achieve symptomatic medicine, so as to make the drug play a better role.

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