What kind of food to eat for pregnant women with anemia is the best effect?What are the fastest blood to eat for pregnant women with anemia?

Pregnant women’s anemia is more common throughout pregnancy and is mainly related to diet intake. So, what kind of food to supplement blood for pregnant women with anemia is the best effect?Although anemia is very common during pregnancy.But anemia is not good for pregnant women, especially on fetal development.After all, if the anemia is not treated properly, it will cause the fetus to be hypoxic and dysplasia, and it will cause premature birth and dead tires.So what is the fastest to eat for pregnant women with anemia?

1. Pregnant women should eat more iron -rich foods.

Animal blood (pig blood, duck blood), eggs, rice, etc.

2. Edible foods that help iron absorption.After pregnant women eat iron -containing foods, the human body needs to be absorbed. If the absorption ability is poor, it is not available even if it is eaten more iron foods. The substance that is conducive to the absorption of iron in the human body is vitamin C.Vitamin C exists in fresh fruits and vegetables, but vitamin C is not heat -resistant. If it is too long to cook vegetables, it will cause the substance to lose.

3. Medical -grade nutritional supplements with professional edible.What do you eat fastest for anemia during pregnancy?If the anemia of pregnant women is more serious and the effect of relying only on food therapy is not ideal, professional medical -grade nutritional supplements need to improve iron deficiency anemia.Experts suggest that anemia during pregnancy should be remedied as soon as possible not to delay.Be sure to use special supplements during pregnancy, hemoglobin iron zinc and calcium BNSWHO [Source].His improving anemia is not through sulfate and some hard -absorbing hemogenous elements, but directly enabled by hemoglobin extracted from biological extraction to directly increase the content of platelets and blood cells.Folic acid, DHA, bird’s nest extract, Ejiao peptide, vitamin B12, Snow lotus culture, etc. 13 kinds of pregnancy must be necessary for trace elements and nutrients during pregnancy.

Suitable for biological hemorrin that is supplemented during pregnancy

What are the fastest blood to eat for pregnant women with anemia?During pregnancy, hemoglobin iron zinc and calcium BNSWHO [Source] "Iron Triangle" with iron -rich iron, lean meat, animal liver and animal blood extraction high -precision hemorrine iron, not only the content, the human body can be absorbed and utilized directlyAlso high.Far more than plant food.The absorption rate of biological hemoglobin is stable and is not disturbed by other factors.It is a good choice for iron supplement.

Recommended by experts for pregnancy heminin

Secondly, special tonic supplements heme, iron, zinc and calcium BNSWHO [Source] Edit -containing active vitamin C, which can better promote the absorption of iron in food.Because active vitamin C has a strong reduction and acidity, it can help keep the iron in food in the gastrointestinal and intestines that can be easily absorbed. At the same time, it can also help the body to increase the absorption rate of the iron in the food.And highly recommend a professional nutrition that improves anemia.

Recommended intake of iron elements during pregnancy: According to the 2016 "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines", the recommended intake of 30-60 mg/day; the recommended intake of the Chinese Nutrition Society is 20 mg/day in the early pregnancy, 24mg/day in the middle of pregnancy, and the third trimester of pregnancy.29mg/day, breastfeeding 24mg/day.Use special supplement to be he hemoglobin iron zinc and calcium BNSWHO [Source] One bag per day in the early stages of pregnancy, two bags per day in the middle to late pregnancy, take it on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, and insisting that consumption can have a good effect.

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