What kind of follicles can I get pregnant quickly?

The relationship between eggs and follicles is like the relationship between egg yolk and eggs. Therefore, the quality of follicle development determines the quality of the egg, that is, "good follicles" can discharge the eggs.How do I know if the follicle development is good? How to judge the follicles?

Generally speaking, women with normal ovulation will excrete a "high -quality follicles" every month.And this high -quality follicles are NO.1 of many follicles, which are characterized by:

1. Good follicles should be "big"

Generally speaking, the diameter of the follicles is mature follicles when it is 18-28 mm.The "good follicles" with a full shape, a round or oval shape, a thin and clear inner wall, is more likely to conceive after ovulation.

However, the diameter of the follicles and ovulation will vary from person to the moon, and some of them are rowed to 15mm, but some are grown to 25mm or even larger.

So, what are the differences between large follicles and small follicles?

① Because the eggs and follicles are developed simultaneously, the two sides complement each other.Generally speaking, the degree of development of large follicles is better, and the quality of eggs is good; while small follicles have low degree of development, and egg quality may be poor.

② There will be more follicular fluids in large follicles, which will be discharged with the eggs to release more estrogen and progesterone, so that the soil of the endometrium is more fertile, and provides more "nutrients" for fertilized eggs to bed in bed.Essence

③ After ovulation with large follicles, larger luteal will be formed, which produces more estrogen and progesterone, that is, the luteal function is better.

Conversely, if the follicles are smaller, the luteal will be smaller, and the embryo will often be difficult to bed due to the lack of "luteal function", which is more likely to cause miscarriage.

However, the larger the follicles are, the better. Some follicles are mature but not ruptured. The follicles will continue to grow to 30 ~ 40mm. They lose their ovulation ability. Earthwacquinization occurs, which is also abnormal.

Second, good follicles must be "round"

Follicles are like seeds, full and rounded.If the two diameter differences of follicles are ≥3mm, they are called flat follicles. If the B -ultrasound shows 15mm × 20mm, it means that the follicle quality is not good.

Third, good follicles should be "independent"

Some people think so: If many follicles develop at the same time, can they be pregnant with a multi -cell?

In fact, if there are multiple follicles on one ovarian at the same time, but there is no obvious advantageous follicles, it may be caused by endocrine disorders, such as polycystic ovary syndrome.After all, this situation will only cause all follicles to be less long and bad, and it is difficult to ovulate and conceive normally.

1. B ultrasound follicular monitoring

Want to know how the follicles develop? The simplest and most intuitive way is B -ultrasound.Through B -ultrasound, doctors can clearly observe the follicles and understand the size, shape, growth rate, and ovulation of the follicles.However, because the eggs are too small -the diameter is only about 0.2mm, it cannot be seen directly with ultrasound, and can only be indirectly judged by the follicles.

Generally, because the early development of follicles is slow, it can be monitored once every 2 to 3 days. In the later period, the follicles will be longer and faster, and it is necessary to monitor daily.If the advantageous follicles disappear, significantly shrink or shrink for more than 5mm, the inner wall collapses, and the uterine rectal nest may see a small amount of effusion sound image, which means that ovulation has been ovulated.

The life of the eggs after ovulation is short, and it will gradually aging in 15 hours. Therefore, it is a critical time for conception 2 days before ovulation to 10 hours after ovulation.When the follicle development is close to maturity, you can raise the stubbornness and arrange the same room at the best time ~

2. Oxin level

When the B -ultrasound monitor the development of follicles and find that the follicles have reached 18mm, you need to draw blood to check the hormone content, including estradiol (E2), luteum generician (LH), progesterone (P), etc.

When the level of estradiol (E2) is at 200 ~ 300 pg/ml, it means that follicle development is better; if <200 pg/ml, the follicle quality may be poor and difficult to run smoothly, even if you are pregnant, it is easy to have a miscarriage.

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