What kind of experience is the first pregnancy

The engagement with Mr. was in March of this year. As soon as the engagement ceremony was over, he put down the alert of contraceptives under the temptation of Mr. Finding.EssenceEssence

Maybe I also have a hunch. I feel wrong for two days during the menstruation for two days in May.A whole set of pregnancy tests bought online was sent to her mother -in -law’s house by the fool (embarrassing …), and temporarily went to the pharmacy downstairs to buy one.When the pregnancy inspection stick showed two red bars, I felt it was unexpected and there was no imagination.

I still remember that my calf was obsessed with the inexplicable wild mosquitoes in the countryside. It was unbearable. It was difficult to heal for more than half a month. I had a vague change in my body.

The next step is to go to the hospital to take a blood test, real hammer!

By the way, the doctor said that there was no solution because of pregnancy and could only bear it!

Other pregnant mothers may be excited when they first know that they are pregnant? Excited?nervous?Fare?A stunned face?EssenceEssenceEssenceAnd I should be itchy and unbearable.

I learned that when I was pregnant, the fetus had been a month, and there was no pregnancy reaction at that time, except for comparing mosquitoes.As a novice Xiaobai and the local custom, you can’t tell outsiders in the early pregnancy, and you can only explore himself.

By 6 weeks of pregnancy, early pregnancy reactions began: nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, all day all day long want to stay on the bed, and even drink water to vomit.After losing your essence of food, even if you finally spit out, you must force yourself to swallow.At that time, I also ran a few doctors, hoping to have a way to relieve early pregnancy reactions. The doctor’s answer is that it is okay if you eat it, otherwise the inpatient nutritional solution will be hospitalized.That is to say, early pregnancy reactions have no medicinal solution, and can only be supported by willpower …

I remember that I told my husband countless times "life is better than death" · ~~

At this time, because of a strong pregnancy reaction, everyone around him knew that he was pregnant. Fortunately, the leaders and colleagues were very good, which relieved a lot of workload.

At about twelve weeks, for the first time, I felt a feeling of a fish in my stomach swimming around. This should be fetal movement.It is amazing, but I am not imagined, maybe because I am still in the mud of early pregnancy.

One day for four or five months, the reaction of early pregnancy suddenly gone. At this time, it was clear that the baby was dancing in his belly.At this time, my belly had begun to show, and I began to realize that I am now two people, and I am going to be a mother.

At this time, my own actions have begun to be restricted. Cross -cities have to consider the baby in the stomach. In the past, the heroine who said that he would leave and became popular is afraid that he would never return.

Now that I have a stool, I feel that everything is too fast, and I caught up with it, but I can only respond in a panic.

May the baby in the stomach be born healthy, three of us ~~~

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