What kind of check -ups do I need to do for pregnancy to production?You can’t miss it once every 10 maternity inspections

After pregnancy, I went to the hospital for pregnancy for pregnancy related examinations, which was called a checkup.After pregnancy, in order to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women need to go to the hospital for physical examination on a regular basis.Through pregnancy examination, it can be found in time that the abnormal situation of pregnant women or fetuses occur, and timely treatment can be performed in time to achieve eugenics.So, what kind of check -ups do you need to do in total?Pregnant mothers should do their homework in advance, and they cannot miss it every 10 births.

The first examination is to do a blood -drawing examination to determine whether to be pregnant. It can be tested whether the menstruation delay is pregnancy by testing the pregnancy test paper. It is generally checked about 35 days after menopause.

The second time is 6 to 8 weeks. HCG, progesterone examination and B -ultrasound should be checked.The inspection is mainly to determine whether the embryo survives. After the sixth week, you can do a B -ultrasound. The embryo can be seen in the uterus, and the fetal heart buds, the fetus survive, the number of fetus and the bed position.Remember to be empty and urinate before checking.

The third examination is generally at 12 weeks of pregnancy, to go to the hospital for archives, NT examination, height, weight, hand test, palace height, abdominal circumference, blood pressure, blood type blood routine, liver and kidney function, infectious diseases, urine routine, fetal heart, fetal heartRate, ECG.This is the first formal checkup. Generally, doctors will give pregnant women a "pregnant woman health manual" to record future production inspection items.To build a file, you need to go to the street to issue a family planning certificate. You need your ID cards, social security cards, wedding certificates, and B -ultrasound.

At the fourth week of pregnancy, I mainly went to the hospital for Don screening and basic examination. Donalding was to check whether the fetus had abnormalities in chromosomes. Tang screen was just screening.Babies must have problems, and need to be further diagnosed by non -invasive DNA or amniotic pests.This checkup needs food and water after 12 o’clock the night before, to ensure the empty stomach check the next day.

The fifth birth check was 20 weeks of pregnancy, this time mainly for fetal malformations and basic examinations.This examination can detect most fetal malformations. Doctors will carefully measure the fetal head circumference, abdominal circumference, see the length of the leg bone and monitor whether the spine is naturally abnormal. You need to make an appointment in advance.Early peak period.

The sixth weeks of pregnancy is 24 weeks of pregnancy. Check the screening and basic examination of gestational diabetes. Screening for diabetes for pregnant women. When diabetic screening is performed, sugar should be drank within 3 to 5 minutes. Do not drink it in one breath.Walk as much as possible after drinking sugar water to help reduce blood sugar concentration.

The seventh birth check is mainly fetal heart monitoring and basic examination. If the baby is unwilling to move during the process of doing fetal heart monitoring, it is most likely that it is asleep. You can shake it gently or pat your abdomen to wake the baby.

The eighth production examination evaluates the weight and basic examination of the fetus. The baby’s weight exceeds the standard or does not meet the standards.Generally speaking, the actual weight at birth or the error of 10-15%of the predicted weight is normal.

The ninth examination of the fetal position, electrocardiogram, and basic examination. This time, the prediction of the fetal position of pregnant women was mainly checked, and the production method was determined according to the fetal position.

The tenth examination is near the due date, and the baby may start at any time. The expectant mothers must pay attention to whether there are small abdominal pain and bleeding.

The above is the various birth checks that pregnant women need to do during pregnancy. We must first ensure the health of the baby and carry out eugenics.

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