What is uterine cyst?How to identify it?

The uterine cyst is a cyst that grows in the uterus.The uterine cyst is blocked and deduced by the gonadicular mouth caused by a variety of reasons, and the drainage of glandular secretions is blocked and retention.The rare clinical clinical uterine cysts are more common in cervical cysts. The cysts contain glue or mucus. Uterine cysts refer to cervical cysts, also known as cervical gland cysts.EssenceThe new squamous epithelium covers the cervical glands or inserted gland ducts. The obstruction of the gonadal mouth causes the secretion to stay. It is related to cervical inflammation. Cervical gland cysts often cause cervical inflammation.

So what are the symptoms of uterine cysts?

1. Inconsistent with the lower abdomen: The initial symptoms before the lower abdomen mass did not touch.Due to the weight of the tumor itself and the effects of intestinal peristalsis and posture changes, the tumor moves in the pelvic cavity to involve its signs and pelvic funnel ligaments, which causes patients to swell the lower abdomen or skeleton nest.

2. Menstrual disorders: Generally unilateral ovarian or even bilateral ovarian cysts do not damage all normal ovarian tissues, so most of them do not cause menstrual disorders.Disorders often merge other secretion effects.

3. Symptoms of compression: huge ovarian tumors can cause breathing difficulties and palpitations due to compression of diaphragm; huge benign ovarian cysts fill the entire abdominal cavity, which will increase the abdominal pressure in the lower limb vein return, which can cause edema on the abdominal wall and bilateral limbs; pots of pelvis; pots of pelvis; pots of pelvis; pots of pelvis.Difficulty in urination, urine retention, urgency or poor stool in the abdominal organs.

4, thickened abdomen

Because there are campaigns in the abdomen, some women feel that their waist is thicker, or they suddenly touch foreign objects when they touch their abdomen.

Because if it is a simple uterine cyst, you only need to pass the drug, which can basically achieve the effect of rapid cure. Secondly, patients must not worry too much when suffering from uterine cysts.Faith and courage, actively cooperate with doctors’ treatment. After a period of treatment, patients can quickly restore their healthy bodies.

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