What is the whole process of women’s upper ring?Both men and women should take a good look and cherish the people in front of you

[Fan Lai Ben] Song Li (pseudonym) is a brave woman. Although she is 46 years old, she has five children in succession, and the fifth child is born as a boy. Their family has five boys.

Her husband Liu Hai (pseudonym) was worried.He knows that their family economic conditions are not good, and raising five children is a small expense.He really couldn’t imagine how to raise so many children, and he decided to let Song Li go to the birth ring.

Although Song Li was unwilling, considering the family’s economic conditions and the persistence of bangs, she eventually chose to go to the ring during the confinement.This decision made her a painful price.

Before Song Li went out of confinement, she began to feel the pain of her lower body, and the pain was increasing, making her unbearable.She decided to go to the hospital for examination, but found that it turned out to be uterine infection.The doctor told her that the infection was very serious. In order to keep her life, she could only choose to remove the uterus.

1. What are the steps of women on the ring?

Women’s upper ring is a common contraceptive method. It is placed in the uterine cavity by placing small plasticity or metal rings to prevent "small tadpoles" from entering the uterus, thereby achieving the purpose of contraception.The following is the entire process of women’s board:

Consultation and evaluation: Before considering the on -board, women should first consult a gynecologist.Doctors will ask about personal and family history, fertility plans, contraceptive needs, and understanding and expectations of Sheung Wan.Doctors may also conduct physical examinations and necessary laboratories to evaluate whether it is suitable for the upper ring.

Choose a suitable ring: According to the needs of women and doctors’ suggestions, choose the appropriate type of Shell.Common types of upper ring include copper ring, hormone release system and absorbable ring.Each type type has its specific advantages and disadvantages. Women should discuss with doctors and jointly determine the type of Sheung Wan.

Upper ring process: The upper ring process needs to be carried out in the doctor’s office or operating room.Before the Shekuan, doctors will make necessary preparations such as clean private parts and cervix.The doctor then uses a special equipment to insert the ring into the uterine cavity to ensure the correct placement of the ring.The whole process usually only takes a few minutes, and most women only feel slightly discomfort.

Follow -up and adjustment: Women need to conduct regular follow -up after going to the ring.Doctors will check the location and effect of the upper ring and make adjustments as needed.During the follow -up period, women can consult a doctor for any problems or symptoms related to the Sheung Wan.

Disassembling or replacement ring: Sheung Wire can be left for a long time according to personal needs, usually 3 to 10 years.When a woman decides no longer needs to be on -board or on the ring, the doctor will remove or replace it.

2. Whether the women’s upper ring will cause other diseases

Risk of infection: The risk of infection may increase the risk of infection.This may be caused by the Shell itself, or because bacteria enter the cervix and uterine cavity.Infection may cause symptoms such as inflammation, fever, and lower abdomen pain.Time -up operations and standardized disinfection operations can reduce the risk of infection.

Extrace The pregnancy: In a very few cases, women may have ectopic pregnancy (embryo beds outside the uterine cavity) after the lane.This may be because the upper ring affects the normal bed of the embryo in the uterus, causing embryos to bed in other parts of the fallopian tube.Extract pregnancy may require emergency treatment because it may cause serious complications.

Irregular menstruation and menstrual changes: Some women may go through irregular menstruation and menstrual changes after on the board.This may include extension of menstruation, shortening menstruation, increased or decreased menstruation, etc.These changes are usually normal, but if the menstruation is abnormal or longer, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Other discomfort and side effects: After women go to the ring, there may be some discomfort and side effects, such as abdominal pain, low back pain, headache, chest pain, etc.These symptoms are usually temporary and will gradually reduce or disappear over time.If the symptoms are severe or lasting, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Third, which is better to ligate with men in women?

Both women’s upper ring and men’s ligation are reliable long -term contraception methods, but they have different working principles and applications.Which method to choose is more suitable for individual needs and preferences.

The advantages of women’s board include:

Reverse effects: The contraceptive effect of the women’s upper ring is reversible. Once the contraception is decided, the fertility ability can be restored by dismantling the ring.

Long -term contraception: The duration of Shekuan is longer, generally 3 to 10 years, and has the effect of long -term contraception.

Do not interfere with "interaction": The upper ring does not directly interfere with "interaction", and women can maintain a normal husband and wife life during contraceptives.

Avoid hormone use: Copper ring and other non -hormonal release systems are not hormones, suitable for women who do not want to use hormone -containing contraceptive methods.

The advantages of male ligation include:

High -efficiency and reliable: Male ligation is a very reliable contraceptive method, and its failure rate is very low.

Simple and secure: Male ligation is a simple and secure surgery. It is usually performed under local anesthesia, and the recovery time is fast.

Permanent contraception: Men’s ligation is usually considered a permanent contraceptive method, suitable for couples who no longer plan for children.

Do not affect menstruation and hormonal levels: Men’s ligation will not affect women’s menstrual cycle and hormonal levels. Compared with women’s contraceptive methods with hormones, they may be more friendly to women’s physical conditions.

When choosing a female on the ring or a male ligation, it is recommended that the husband and wife discuss them together and consider the following factors:

Long -term plan: If the husband and wife have determined not to plan children, and want to choose a permanent contraceptive method, then male ligation may be a better choice.

Reverse requirements: If the husband and wife still consider asking children in the future, women’s Sheung Wan may be a more suitable choice, because the contraceptive effect of the Sheung Wan is reversible.

Preference for hormones: If women want to avoid using hormone -containing contraceptive methods, non -hormonal release types may be more suitable.

Individual needs and preferences: Each person’s needs and preferences are different. The husband and wife should consider and consult the doctor together to choose a contraceptive method that suits them.

Women’s upper ring is a common contraceptive method that achieves the purpose of contraception by placing a ring in the uterine cavity.The entire process of women’s Shelings includes consulting and evaluation, selection of suitable ring, upper ring process, follow -up and adjustment, and removing or replacing the ring.Women’s Sheung Wan does not directly lead to the occurrence of other diseases, but it may be related to risk of infection, ectopic pregnancy, irregular menstruation, and changes in menstruation, and other discomfort and side effects.Women should discuss it with doctors when they are considering the Sheung Wan, and make decisions based on their own needs and doctors’ suggestions.

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