What is the vulvar itching?Is it a gynecological disease?Sort the reason for you, please check one by one

When women have such a problem, the first thing to think of is gynecological diseases. Of course, some people will feel that it is a skin problem. Under the serious situation, most women will choose to bear it.Passing is not very good at finding the reason.

But in fact, for health considerations, women should pay attention to every abnormal manifestation of the body to avoid missing the signal of the disease, which leads to serious illness.

So, what causes itching of vulva?

skin disease

When allergies, eczema, and stock moss may cause itching. Of course, different skin problems will also have differences. Normally, itching caused by allergies and eczema will also be accompanied by abnormal skin performance.

For example, a rash appears, and the distribution of the rash will also be a little different. The skin is strange caused by allergies. It is comprehensive to cover the rash. It may also have a rash and itching sensation in other skin tissues of the body.

What is caused by eczema is symmetrical.They also have a common feature, that is, eating some fishy seafood or fish, which will lead to worsening eczema.

Itching caused by the moss is very distinguished. It is mainly accompanied by itching in the inner side of the stock, and the same skin, and most of them will be accompanied by scales.


Infection of mold, trichomonas, or bacteria, and not treated in time, may gradually develop into inflammation. When inflammation is produced, it is easy to destroy the flora and pH of the vagina and itching.

After inflammation, it will not only cause itching, but also find that the white belt has abnormalities.Burning sensation.

Breomol infection

Lice can appear in many places. The most prone to appear is where there are more hair. Although the current life is getting better, the lice are getting less and less, but some people do not pay attention to hygiene, or infected infected by infection.Passal lice may appear itching.

If this itching cannot be completely solved to lice, it will continue to itch. One of the better ways is to shave the hair at the same time as the medicine can be shaved in order to be affected forever.Reduce the risk of infection.


Not paying attention to cleaning, it is easy to increase bacterial and virus infections, as well as pubic lice infections, thereby increasing the occurrence of gynecological diseases and bringing some problems to women.

However, it pays too much attention to hygiene and is too deliberately clean. It is easy to destroy the balancing of the bacteria. It is also easy to be damaged. It is also easy to cause some problems. Vaginal inflammation is one of them, and itching will cause itching.

Remind women: Do this during menstruation to avoid itching.

In addition to the above problems, during menstruation, if women cannot do well, itching may occur, that is, replace sanitary napkins in time, do not change sanitary napkins for a long time, easily breed bacteria, and may increase sweat.

The environment will be too humid. In this case, bacteria will be easier to humid. Coupled with menstrual blood, women may be uncomfortable, and they may increase the chance of gynecological diseases.

It is recommended that women replace the sanitary napkin about every 2 hours. For women with a lot of menstrual blood, the need to replace it is more diligent and faster. It needs to be replaced for almost an hour.

Of course, in addition to preventing bacterial breeding, it is also to prevent side leaks. In addition, it is recommended that women not wear tight pants during menstruation, so as not to affect the discharge of menstrual blood, and may cause the environment to be too humid and benefit from the breeding of bacteria.

Improve itching, in addition to drug treatment, pay attention to 2 points in life.

First, clean it with warm water every day

It is best to once in the morning and evening. It is worth noting that water is clear. There is no need to add anything. The excessive cleaning above is said to easily destroy the acidity and alkali and the flora balance.

And some women will be deceived by some cleaning products, or if they do not use cleaning products or treatment products under the guidance of a doctor, it may make itching more serious if it is improper.

In addition, it is also necessary to master the water temperature and cleaning method. It is best to clean it with flowing water. After washing, you must dry it. Otherwise, the environment is too humid and it is also easy to induce related diseases.

2. Don’t scratch it if it itchy

After it feels itching, it is difficult to hold back the scratching, but there are too many things that you touch every day. If you scratch it at will without cleaning, you may have infection again, and it will easily damage the skin.

In order to avoid more damage and to improve the condition, I still hope to tolerate it. In fact, increasing the number of warm water cleaning is also to alleviate itching.

Not only to hold back the scratch, but also to do one thing, that is, wearing loose panties and pants to reduce friction, to ensure the breathability, it will be more beneficial to improve itching, so that the problem can be solved faster.

Women must know how to protect themselves, and pay attention to their own health, and discover some abnormal signs in the body. Don’t think about tolerance and find out the reason in time.Check the reason for the control.

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