What is the three -month pregnancy?The childcare teacher reminds you that the three major precautions are wrong.

The old saying: The child born in October in October.Some people say that in fact, from pregnancy to production, there are only more than nine months without a full ten months.

Therefore, there are often novice Baoma puzzled, and they must be more careful within three months of pregnancy, because I am afraid that it is not stable in the early stages of pregnancy, and how many weeks of defining the three months of pregnancy?

The answer is as follows:

Seven days are a pregnancy weeks, and one month is four pregnancy weeks, that is, four or seven days are added together for one month, so three months of pregnancy are 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The pregnancy month is calculated in 28 days a month.Medical stipulates that the entire pregnancy week is 280 days.

The 280 days of pregnancy is ten pregnancy months, so as the saying goes, the birth is in October, which is the truth.

The first three months of pregnant women must be careful.The childcareist reminds you that the three major precautions are wrong.

The following are some suggestions:

First, we must wear flat shoes with strong friction.

Those who are usually good -looking and comfortable to wear are not necessarily suitable for pregnant women. The important point of pregnant women is to prevent falling.

Therefore, when buying shoes, you should turn the shoes over to see the soles, or hold the shoes on the ground to friction, imitate the friction when walking, and the frictional force can really play a non -slip and non -slip.

Second, diet needs to pay more attention.

Mainly, to balance nutrition.If you can’t like the same food with your own preferences, you can eat that one desperately. It is best to be balanced.And at this time, try to reduce meals as much as possible. Those who can cook by themselves will cook by themselves. After all, eating at home is more assured.There are no heavy oil and salt nor are you afraid of ditch oil.

Third, believe in science, go to the hospital early to check.

The current environmental pollution is extremely serious.It is very important to find a reliable doctor in a regular hospital in the early stages of pregnancy. Doctors will give you many professional suggestions for you to do some necessary examinations, such as thalassemia, hepatitis B, progesterone and the like.

Important tips: In the early stages of pregnancy, maintaining a good mood, maintaining adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, and finding a reliable doctor to give you professional guidance is very important.

Today’s topic: What are the particularly unforgettable things in the three months of the early pregnancy of Baoma?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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