What is the stomach pain after the flow of people?

Nowadays, the sexual life is relatively early. Many young men and women do not understand contraception, which leads to unexpected pregnancy to the hospital for abortion surgery.The cause of abdominal pain after abortion is to be grasped. Correctly understanding the cause of abdominal pain after abortion. You are too high to help everyone prepare early to avoid unnecessary trouble. So what is the cause of abdominal pain after abortion?

The normal condition after abortion surgery is: there are a small amount of bleeding in the vagina, the color or redness, or dark brown, or light pink, light brown, generally no blood clots, and the bleeding is clean within 2 weeks.On the day of the surgery, there can be a slight abdomen pain, and the abdominal pain disappears or occasionally has a hidden abdomen.If the patient’s abdominal pain is obvious after surgery, it is abnormal.

Causes of abdominal pain after abortion:

(1) Incorrect abortion: Sometimes abortion surgery is sometimes failed.Incorrect abortion is to remove all the fluffy and molten tissue in the uterine cavity during the operation.In order to discharge the remaining embryos out of the palace after surgery, the uterine contracted.At this time, the patient’s abdominal pain arranged onset, the pain was unbearable during the seizure, and the vaginal bleeding increased, the color was red, there were large blood clots, and the blood clots were relieved after abdominal pain.When there is an incomplete abortion, the uterine clearance is generally performed, and the embryo tissue remaining in the uterine cavity is scraped out, and the abdominal pain disappears naturally.Strengthen anti -inflammatory treatment after surgery to prevent infection.

(2) Postoperative infection: This is one of the most common recent complications of abortion surgery.Infected infections occur within two weeks after surgery, which can be directly caused by surgery operations. It can also be caused by postoperative patients who do not pay attention to hygiene, such as sexual life and swimming.Generally, acute inflammatory disease, severe abdominal pain, sustainability, can be aggravated, accompanied by fever and cold, vaginal bleeding, bright red color, smell of smell, or yellow secretions.Abdominal pain refuses to press during the body. There are tenderness and reflective pain gynecological examinations with cervix and pain, uterine body tenderness, dual attachments can be thickened or thickened, and the tenderness can be obvious.If chronic pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, it is faint abdominal pain, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, with odor, and can be sandwiched with yellow secretions.Postoperative infection, whether it is acute or chronic, must be given sufficient amount of antibiotic treatment. Traditional Chinese and western medicine combined therapy can also be adopted to take thorough treatment.

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