What is the state of belly after giving birth to a baby?

Now, at this moment, Right Now -dare you dare to open your clothes and carefully deliver the battlefield left by the baby: belly?

Previously, a young mother in Malaysia took her beautiful photos on the Internet and quickly got hot search.

Well, it is not because she has 4 children at the age of 23 (although this is enough to be shocking); it is because she PO has a real state of postpartum belly.

Usually, she looks like this in front of people:

Facebook@Doren Ching

However, the belly that was opened by the four baby opened the clothes, which was like this:

Facebook@Doren Ching

O -M -G!This is too big!

But in these years, we can get a girlishness from the media and female stars.

Sina Weibo@何 新 博 新 新 新 新

▲ "Girl" Yang Mi

Even if he is 40 years old, it will look like this:

Sina Weibo@新 新 tamia

▲ Liu Tao

So … what is the state of the belly after giving birth to a baby?

In a word, stretch marks vary from person to person, but the belly will definitely relax.

The loose stomach after childbirth is a thing that almost all women (Shao) women (NVs) have to face after giving birth.

The first reason is that the uterus is stretched.Even if you lose weight before pregnancy, the stomach that is just born will sag.Fortunately, about 4 months after childbirth, the uterus will completely shrink and return.

Secondly, pregnancy and childbirth will cause rectus abdominis.In order to protect the fetus, the mother will reserve more fat during pregnancy. Only when these fats are reduced can the abdominal muscles recover hard.

In the end, human skin is elastic, but as the fetus will extend as long as possible during pregnancy, the original tightness cannot be restored immediately after childbirth.

养 Persist in breastfeeding:

The production of breast milk will consume calories, and bring a baby -um, it is a heavy physical work.

饮 Healthy and balanced diet:

● Take some time to eat breakfast.

● Make sure about 400g of fruits and vegetables every day.

● Food choices are rich in fiber, such as oats, beans, lentils, grains, etc.

● Don’t resist starch foods, such as bread, rice, and pasta (preferably a whole wheat variety with fiber) or potatoes.It should be reminded that premature and sharp diet to lose weight after childbirth will delay recovery ~

运动 Do some mild exercises:

For example, take a walk and do some pottery muscle exercise under professional guidance.

⒋ Full rest:

Bringing a baby is a family matter, not a mother, especially for novice mothers alone.

Once stretch marks are generated, it will basically not disappear.

And some annoying little fairy -she was naturally not chief of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are the products of skin stretching and changes in body hormones.Studies have shown that white people with white skin tone, family history, excessive fetal fetuses, overweight, and use of corticosteroid drugs are more likely to be found by stretch marks.

Although there are many products that claim to slow stretch marks, including ointment, oil, laser stripes, etc., none of them can ensure healing scars.

It is already very good to make skin moisturizing and reduce the color difference between stretch marks and surrounding skin.

The most important thing is to prevent: healthy diet and reasonable exercise, control the weight of pregnancy within the health range, and avoid sudden gains.

Therefore, whether it is this mother or beautiful star in the text, it is an extreme case.This is like a pony crossing the river: Lao Niu said light and squirrels, but how did you have to try it by yourself!

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