What is the reason for the swelling of pregnant women in the "family with two treasures"?Is it normal?

The pregnant mother has been pregnant for 30 weeks, and her feet are messy. The original shoes can’t be worn. So … is it "swollen"?Do all pregnant mothers experience during pregnancy?Why is edema in the third trimester?Is there any good way to alleviate?Today, Xuan Xuan came to explain for you!

Pregnant women’s pregnancy edema is caused by the liquid composition in the vascular ingredient and accumulated in the tissue gap.Generally speaking, edema during pregnancy is prone to 28 weeks of pregnancy.Because the uterus of expectant mothers has increased to a certain extent with the increase in pregnancy, it may compress the vein backflow.

Therefore, many pregnant women will have a bit of limb edema and finger activity in the third trimester, and the swelling of the legs and feet at night will be more obvious. The next morning will be reduced, and the hands are swollen in the morning.EssenceEdema during pregnancy is common among expectant mothers.

Why is edema during pregnancy?

Reason 1: The blood capacity of expectant mothers started from weeks 6 weeks of pregnancy. By 32 ~ 34 weeks, the mother’s blood capacity reached its peak, the blood capacity increased by 30%to 40%compared with the occasion of not pregnancy, an average increase of about 1500 ml, and maintained this levelUntil delivery.After the blood volume increases, the tissue interior fluid will increase.

Reason 2: The increase in blood volume includes increased plasma and red blood cells. Due to the increase in plasma more than the increase of red blood cells, the plasma increases by about 1000 ml, and the red blood cells increase by about 500 ml, making the blood relatively diluted.The relative concentration of plasma albumin is also lower than that of non -pregnancy.Plasma albumin is the main ingredient to maintain plasma osmotic pressure.Plasma osmosis during pregnancy is lower than that of non -pregnancy.In this way, the moisture in the blood flow easily penetrates into the tissue intercordnic liquid, causing edema lower limb.

Reason 3: With the increase of the uterus after pregnancy, the pressure in the pelvis gradually increases, which affects the blood flow of the lower limbs.This is also one of the important reasons for lower limbs.

What methods can relieve edema during pregnancy?

1. Reducing too much salt in salt will cause edema. Therefore, pay attention to controlling the intake of salt during pregnancy. It is recommended not to exceed 6 grams a day.Secondly, malnutrition has a lot to do with edema during pregnancy. Specific mothers should pay attention to high -quality proteins such as fish, poultry, egg milk and soy products than usual than usual.

2. Mother -to -exercise mothers should pay attention to exercise. Do not stand or sit for a long time, because standing or sedentary can easily lead to poor vein blood flow back and aggravate lower limb swelling.And often walking and moving can increase the flow of lower limb blood flow and reduce the discomfort caused by edema.

3. Pay attention to the sleeping position. Mom can use the left side to sleep in the late pregnancy. To a certain extent, it can avoid compressing the lower limb veins and reduce the resistance of blood return.There is also a cushion under the feet while lying on the rest, so that the feet are too high, which can speed up the blood flow back and effectively alleviate the lower limb edema.

If the pathological edema occurs, the pregnant mother must pay attention to

If the edema during pregnancy is reduced after rest or sleep, it is physiological, and expectant mothers don’t have to worry.However, if it is not alleviated after rest or sleep, it is necessary to attract the attention of expectant mothers. It is best to go to the hospital to check whether it is pathological edema, such as pregnancy hypertension, pregnancy combined with nephropathy, etc., or lower limb edema caused by lack of protein.

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