What is the problem with brown secretions during pregnancy?Will it be miscarriage?

During pregnancy, in order to maintain stability of pregnancy, the level of estrogen in the body will rise rapidly, which will stimulate the cervical and vaginal glands and lead to an increase in secretions.Under normal circumstances, the secretion is generally milky or transparent.

However, some pregnant mothers will find that there will be some brown secretions in the early stages of pregnancy. Is this normal?

This brown secretion is actually a type of vaginal bleeding. It is more common in early pregnancy. Moms do not have to worry too much. This does not necessarily mean that the baby may have a problem.

Under normal circumstances, brown secretions appear in the early pregnancy, and it will stop it after a while. If the color is very light, there is no problem. If the color is darker, it is best to go to the hospital in time.

This is generally the cause of this situation: bleeding during bed

It usually appears in the time when women should have menstruation.For example, women who usually have a regular menstruation, women with a cycle of 30 days are pregnant at this cycle of menstruation on January 1, so bleeding in bed is likely to appear around January 31.

Generally speaking, this bleeding time does not exceed 1 week, and the amount is very small. It looks basically brown secretions or pink blood stains. It does not require special treatment, nor does it affect the normal life of pregnant mothers.

Cervical valgus during pregnancy

During women’s pregnancy, the cervix is stimulated by rapid rising sex hormones, which may cause changes in the cervical tissue component, which will cause cervical cylindrical cells to grow outward, that is, "cervical valgus".

In this case, a small amount of vaginal bleeding in the shape of brown secretions in pregnant mothers may occur, especially after the same room or vaginal examination.Generally, this bleeding will stop itself, so there is no need to perform special treatment.Cervic polyps

It is not uncommon for cervical polyps during pregnancy, which is one of the reasons for bleeding during pregnancy and abnormal vaginal secretions.

Generally, you need to check whether there are cervical polyps.If the bleeding comes from the cervix, you can consider making a screening of a cervical cancer at the same time (you can do it during pregnancy, especially if you haven’t done it in the past year, it is also recommended to do it).

Moms do not have to worry too much. Most pregnant mothers who have cervical polyps will not affect the fetus, but whether to surgical resection still needs to follow the doctor’s order.Vaginal infection

Some vaginal infections, such as trichomonas vaginitis and bacterial vaginal disease, may appear brown discharge.

If the pregnant mother finds not only brown secretions in the early pregnancy, but also other abnormal colors such as: dark yellow, yellow -green, light green, bean dregs -like white, etc., and the smell of the secretions (fishy), accompanied by vaginal itching, is accompanied by vaginal itching, itching, itching of vagina.Then you need to consider vaginal infection.

In this case, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital for examination in time. Generally, it will still be treated with local drug treatment during pregnancy.Abortion or ectopic pregnancy

There may be menstruation for a period of abortion or ectopic pregnancy, and at the same time, there are vaginal bleeding (degree of brown secretions to similar menstruation or more) and lower abdominal pain.

If the pregnant mother feels severe pain, she needs to go to the hospital immediately, and finds specific problems and further treatment through further examination.

If the pregnant mother appears brown discharge in the early pregnancy, you should stay in bed to rest as much as possible to maintain sufficient sleep and do not do severe exercise.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to maintaining the stability and joy of your mood. Don’t be too nervous, anxious, you can take vitamin E to supplement sufficient nutrition.

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