What is the problem of leakage and pain during gynecology and gynecology?Can you prevent it?

What is the problem of leakage and pain during pregnancy?

Can you prevent it?

Li Shanshan, a gynecological department of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital: How can Lu Dan Duan Ai Hong leak urine during pregnancy?

This is a problem with the bottom muscle.

The bottom of the pelvis is a multi -layer muscle and other soft tissues under the pelvic mouth. It is like a suspension. Our uterus, bladder and rectum lying comfortably on it to participate in controlling urination, defecation, and maintaining vagina tightening.A number of physiological functions such as degree and support.If there is a problem with this suspension, such as breaks or stretching, important organs such as rectal, bladder, and uterus will leave the original position. At that time, we will have discomfort such as leakage, constipation, and swelling below.02 It hurts, it hurts as soon as walking

It hurts as soon as you walk. You may be a pubic abdomen to gradually increase the abdomen during pregnancy, and the pressure on the abdominal muscles on the pubic bone will increase.The pubic bone is separated, and the upper and lower sides of the pubic bone on both sides will naturally experience severe pain. In severe cases, it is difficult to walk or turn over.03 back pain

This is a problem with a posture, and the root cause is still the problem of uneven muscle fascia.During pregnancy, the abdomen increases day by day and protrudes forward, the waist is forward, the muscles on the back are short of tension, and the muscle contraction for a long time will naturally cause waist and back pain.

It can be seen that some problems are not solved by the selection of cesarean section!IntersectionIntersection

Can these problems be prevented?

Of course.

Adhering to the Kiger movement can improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and must be persistent.Secondly, reducing the increase in abdominal pressure can reduce damage to the bottom muscle of the basin, including: controlling weight during pregnancy, maintaining smooth stools, and abdominal respiratory training.In addition, some stretch training can also be done during pregnancy, such as WAFF for relaxation.During pregnancy, the exercise of the abdominal muscles and basin floor muscles can improve their functions, increase the production power during childbirth, shorten the production process, and reduce the use of side cutting and mitigation, thereby avoiding damage to the bottom muscle.

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