What is the possibility of pregnancy without menstruation?

We often say that menstruation is an important symbol of women’s health. Women with normal menstruation, their ovulation is generally normal.

However, some women do not have menstruation for several months and have amenorrhea.They may not care at first, but only when they need their children, they start to worry about pregnancy.

In principle, it is basically difficult to conceive after menopause, because amenorrhea means no longer ovulation, and women are naturally difficult to conceive.However, it is possible that women’s so -called "amenorrhea" is a false and closed menstruation, so it is recommended that women go to the hospital for diagnosis.

As we all know, the main function of the ovary is to produce and excrete eggs, secrete sex hormones, promote and maintain the development of female sexual symbols. Therefore, it has an important relationship with women’s amenorrhea.

So what is ovarian amenorrhea?Can I still get pregnant with ovarian amenorrhea?Let’s listen to the doctor’s explanation today!

Women have a special and important hormone called estrogen, which helps the endometrium growth.If the estrogen is lost, the endometrium will not grow, the endometrium will not fall off, and menstruation will not bleed.

So where does estrogen come from?It is an ovarian problem.If a woman is pregnant, the ovary must have ovulation.During the growth process, this egg will continue to produce a certain amount of estrogen.

If a woman in her 50s appears menopause, because her ovaries lose their function, no follicles, no estrogen, the endometrium will not grow, and there is no menstruation.But it may also happen to relatively young people, such as women aged 20 or thirty, they have ovarian failure, no follicles, and no estrogen. This situation is called premature ovarian failure.

In more extreme cases, the ovaries have failed before the first menstruation, and even before the age of 12, even at birth.This is usually a special disease, called "gonad development".

If it is the first menstruation before the decline of the ovary, it is generally called "XX simple gonad development"; if there are some menstruation and ovarian function before the age of 40, it is called "premature ovarian failure";It is basically a normal menopause.

So is there still a chance to get pregnant in patients with ovarian amenorrhea?

This requires patients to go to the hospital as soon as possible for related examinations, such as six test hormones, thyroid function, monitoring ovulation, etc., depending on the actual situation of the body, and then perform corresponding treatment.Many patients regulate the menstrual cycle through estrogen, progesterone and other drugs, improve ovarian function, stimulate follicle development, improve egg quality, and combine ovulation drugs to help pregnancy can increase the possibility of pregnancy.

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