What is the normal value of progesterone and HCG?Do you need to keep your fetus in low progesterone?

Many expectant mothers and mothers who are already pregnant like to judge the development of embryos or fetuses by monitoring changes in hormone levels. Among them, HCG and progesterone are indicators that everyone is widely concerned, so the normal values of these two hormones in each periodHow much is it?How to judge whether there are abnormalities and need to take the next step in the next step?

HCG: After the fertilized eggs, the placental nourishing layer cells produce a large amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which can be excreted into the urine through the blood circulation of pregnant women.In the early pregnancy, the HCG level in serum and urine can rise rapidly. The 8-10 week’s pregnancy reached its peak, and then gradually decreased. By the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, it fell to medium level and maintained to the end of pregnancy.

Normal value:

Generally speaking, the β-HCG of normal people is less than 3.1IU/L. If you consider the possibility of pregnancy exceeding 5, you can basically determine the pregnancy.

Performatone: Non -pregnancy is a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian progesterone. It has a significant morphological effect on the endometrium stimulated by estrogen in the body and is necessary for maintaining pregnancy.Placenta during pregnancy is gradually replaced by luteal function to produce a large amount of progesterone to maintain subsequent pregnancy.

Normal value:

Number of pregnancy weeks

Guroges (nmol/L)

Follicle period

0.6 ~ 1.9

Luteal period

20.7 ~ 102.4


76.4 ± 23.7


118.6 ± 40.6


142.0 ± 43.7


197.5 ± 43.7


346.0 ± 111.4


514.8 ± 111.4


630.2 ± 146.6



However, low progesterone needs to be kept!However, due to the unstable and examination methods of progesterone, the phenomenon of deviation of the test results often occurs, so the method of combining progesterone and HCG examination is used.However, progesterone itself is an important indicator for predicting the signs of abortion. If progesterone is found, expectant mothers must go to the hospital to clarify the cause and continue to treat the symptoms.

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