What is the limit of safety during pregnancy during pregnancy?

Author: Erica Kain

Source: "Health"

Many girls will have drinking demand during pregnancy, but they are worried that they will affect the fetus, but if they can’t avoid it, how can I drink alcohol to reduce this impact as much as possible?

01_Drinkling consensus during pregnancy

The Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) said women should quit alcohol during preparation and entire pregnancy.ACOG clearly indicates that any concentration of alcohol intake is unsafe.

ACOG also agrees that if you have drinking habits before pregnancy, drinking will not have too much effect on the fetus during pregnancy.

02_Wother to drop wine during pregnancy?

Dr. Charles Lockwood said that there are not many evidences that the amount of safe drinking during pregnancy is exactly what the amount of alcohol is.Throughout pregnancy, if you consume 30-60 ml daily, 10%-50%of children with alcohol syndrome (FAS) of the fetus appear.

FAS is one of the most serious impacts of drinking during pregnancy, which can lead to serious birth defects and affect children’s central nervous system and growth and development.In addition, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data shows that children with FAS may also have problems in memory, learning ability, attention duration, vision and hearing.

Dr. Lockwood said: "Of course, during the period before the beginning of conception and brain development (about one to two weeks before conception), alcohol will not constitute risks to the fetus in the body."

03_ how is alcohol that affects developmental fetuses

Fetal alcohol syndrome refers to a series of diseases that may occur during pregnancy, including FAS and subsequent related symptoms. All of this can be recognized by ultrasonic waves before childbirth.: Learning disorders and dynamics.

No one knows how many alcoholic quantities in the development of the fetus can be safely resistant, which may depend on the tolerance level of each woman or drink alcohol interval (drinking a little bit every day may be worse than occasionally).

As DEIRDRE LYELL, deputy chief physician of the School of Child Health of Children’s Health University of Stanford University, said, "There is no known safety limit during pregnancy drinking during pregnancy. Although scientific indicates that higher -level alcoholic alcohol will lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, to what extent alcoholic alcoholThe quantity will cause this problem to be verified. "

04_ Integrity, there is only one choice

To sum up, quitting is the easiest way to ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.

If because of drinking, fetal alcohol syndrome appears in the abdomen, it will not only need to bear greater production risks, but also face endless regrets in later life. It is not cost -effective no matter how you look.

Before we really take care of a FAS baby, we may never be able to appreciate that kind of fear and despair. Therefore, for the health of the baby, it is strongly recommended that pregnant mothers quit alcohol and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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