What is the lack of vitamin C in Dutch pigs and how to supplement VC?

Dutch pigs are rare animals in mammals that cannot synthesize vitamin C (VC).

This should only be the high spirits of Dutch pigs and human beings.

In other words, in addition to the Dutch pigs and high spirits,

Other animals can synthesize VCs themselves.

Although Dutch pigs cannot synthesize VCs themselves,

But the body’s demand for VC is very high, and it is a necessary nutrient.

VC is not only necessary, but also very demand,

The VC in Dutch pigs can be consumed in 4 days, and it consumes light for 8 days.

1. What about the lack of VC in Dutch pigs?

If the Dutch pig’s inadequate intake, there will be serious problems,

We generally make the problems caused by the lack of VC to become blood disease, and we know how terrible it is.

The lack of VC lacks the symptoms of starting to appear in the joint,

It will lead to Dutch pigs (joints), elbow joint swelling, pectoral cartilage to swell, and difficulty in movement.

If you do not replenish VC in time,

The Dutch pigs will have the problem of physical weakness, dysplasia, and low disease resistance.

At this time, Dutch pigs are very easy to infect some diseases,

Such as bacterial pneumonia, acute enteritis, mold dermatitis, etc.

VC is the most serious,

It even aroused the hope of Dutch pigs.

2. How much VC does Dutch pig need

Dutch pigs need to replenish VC daily,

The specific replenishment is calculated according to weight.

Under normal circumstances,

Dutch pig’s daily VC demand is 1 mg of weight per 100 grams.

When pigs were young, pregnant, breastfeeding, and stimulating stimulus reaction,

The demand for VC is increased, and each hundred grams of weight per day requires 15-25 mg.

3. How to replenish VC

Professional Dutch pig food will add VC,

So be sure to give Dutch pigs reliable and professional Dutch pig food.

Fresh vegetables and fruits and pasture also contain a large amount of VC,

Giveting fresh vegetables and fruits for Dutch pigs is currently the main way to supplement VC, but pay attention to control, and it is easy to dilute.

VC lacks symptoms, and Dutch pigs that respond to stress need to use VC tablets for emergency supplementation of VC.

If Dutch pigs need to be urgently supplemented with VC, it is recommended to use Dutch pig special VC slices.

In emergency circumstances, people can use VC tablets to help urgent,

However, it cannot be used for a long time, because people with VC with VC tablets are high, and excessive supplements will lead to poisoning.

Pets such as Dutch pigs need VC very much.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily supplement of vitamin C for breeding Dutch pigs.

Thanks to the Dutch pig picture authorized by Pig Friends Cheng Yuening.

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