What is the impact of the same room during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, I believe that many pregnant women will be repeatedly emphasized that "there is no same room during pregnancy", otherwise the fetus will have WeChat.But can you really not have the same room during pregnancy?Is it really harmful to the fetus during pregnancy?

Can I have the same room during pregnancy?

In China, in order to avoid abortion and premature birth, most obstetric experts do not advocate sexual behavior in the first three and three months of pregnancy in pregnant women.Obstetrics and gynecology experts said that sexual behavior during pregnancy depends on your personal situation.If everything is normal, you don’t have to restrain yourself too much, just pay attention to moderate and frequency.Pregnant women with high risk, such as threatened abortion or signs of premature birth, should try to avoid sexual behavior in the first three months or last three months.Finally, the position should be adjusted appropriately during sexual intercourse during pregnancy. It is best to choose to avoid the position of abdominal impact and compression, such as the body position of men.

What effect does the same room affect the fetus during pregnancy?

1. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is necessary to think more about it

Pregnancy is a special time, and the pregnant mother will be very careful about their children.In the early days of pregnancy, many people hope to get an accurate answer. Whether it can be in the same room during pregnancy. At the beginning, it is necessary to consult a doctor to settle.In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, doctors will give their parents more instructions, don’t have a husband and wife to live.In the first three months of pregnancy, all aspects of the fetus were not stable enough.If you want to have the same room, you should still think about it.After all, the health of the baby should be the first.

2. There is no "same room" during pregnancy, and there will be some differences in babies after birth

Whether or not during pregnancy will also affect all aspects of fetal development.The second three -month -old room in pregnancy is also conducive to the healthy growth of the baby.

3. Development will be different, which is conducive to nutrient absorption

Proper life of couples is conducive to uterine contraction and promoting blood circulation.In this way, the fetus will get more nutrition.Babies can absorb more nutrition, which is naturally conducive to physical development.The condition of the uterine environment directly affects the growth and development of the baby, and ensuring sufficient nutrition is the key.

4. Different environmental adaptability can effectively exercise your baby

The intimacy between husband and wife enables babies to get some exercise and exercise his ability to adapt.Not only can you exercise during pregnancy, but he also has strong adaptability after the child is born.The strength of the baby’s own resistance determines the growth rate of the future.The fetus is in good condition, and psychological pressure is increased after birth.During pregnancy, if there is no room between husband and wife, the uterine environment will not change, natural fetuses will not have opportunities to exercise, and adaptability will not be enhanced.

5. The body and mental state will be different, which is conducive to healthy development

Pregnancy is a special period.The life of husband and wife is conducive to enhancing feelings, and the happiness of pregnant mothers will double.Mother’s emotional changes are easily conveyed to babies, and hormone secretion in the body can effectively promote the development of baby.Happy and happy mood will affect the baby, making him feel full of love.

Finally, I should remind everyone that although living in a room during pregnancy is good for the fetus and pregnant women, prospective parents should also know how to control and scientifically execute the living expenses of the husband and wife, so that the fetus and infants can develop better.Pre -birth examinations should also be performed during pregnancy. If there are some congenital diseases, it is necessary to avoid sex during pregnancy.

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