What is the impact of the pregnant mother crying or angry?

Women will become particularly careful after pregnancy. For example, wearing a radiation protection suit early, pay attention to maintaining nutritional balance, and be careful when walking up … But many pregnant mothers ignore a key factor, that is, their emotionsEssence

Human negative emotions can produce "toxins" in physical strength, while human smiles can sterilize.As the saying goes, the mother and child are connected, and the mother’s sadness or anger can actually feel the baby.Occasionally, emotional fluctuations are normal, but if the pregnant mother has a large emotional fluctuations for a long time, it will affect the baby’s baby. The specific manifestation is that the baby is "not easy to raise" when he was a child.question.

1. Pregnant women’s temper can easily induce abortion

When pregnant women lose their temper, they will secrete some hormones in the human brain and adrenal glands, causing the response of our whole body blood vessels, muscles, and organs, and causes the heart rate to change and the muscle tension.Temporary abortion.What needs to be added is that the abortion rate is the highest before 12 weeks of pregnancy, and about 50%or even higher embryos will be lost. The main reason for abortion is abnormal embryo chromosomes. The current research shows that the direct cause of miscarriage and emotion is not large, but there are also some.Experts believe that emotions are one of the causes.

2. Pregnant women’s temper will cause baby in congenital defects

Starting in the second month of pregnancy, the top and maxillary bones of the fetal treasure have begun to develop and form. If the pregnant mother’s mental stress at this time, especially during pregnancy, the pregnant mother who has experienced "major changes" during pregnancy and producedBabies are more likely to have cleft palate, rabbit lips, hearing defects, and congenital heart disease than other babies.

3. The mental stress of pregnant women greatly affects the growth of the fetus

Pregnant women’s inner pressure will hinder the growth of the fetus, and this phenomenon often begins to appear as early as 2-3 months.Women with stressful stress are much lighter than babies born in pregnant women with mild psychological pressure.

4. After the spirit of pregnant women is severely damaged, the child’s risk of heart disease and diabetes increases

After pregnant women have endured unfortunate incidents of severe mental stress, the birth of a child is relatively more likely to suffer from insulin -dependent diabetes.Pregnant women often feel that pressure will adversely affect the fetus’s nervous system and increase the risk of fetal disease in the future.

However, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. Except for the third point, the other three are the extreme situations, and the probability of occurrence is not very large, but it also reminds us to pay attention to regulating emotions. First of all, the living environment of the pregnant mother is very important.The fetus provides a relaxed and happy environment to give them enough understanding and care; secondly, the self -regulation of pregnant mothers is more important, maintaining optimism, it is really emotional obstacles, and you must make timely guidance; you can make youThe mood was beautiful, spent the pregnancy smoothly, and happily greeted the baby’s arrival.


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