What is the hardest for pregnancy?The questionnaire survey showed: not morning vomiting but this matter


What are the most difficult during pregnancy?

Before going to bed, someone suddenly sent a message in Bao Ma group, and it was still a questionnaire.

When I saw this problem, the first thing I thought of was vomiting, which was really uncomfortable.For three months, I vomited until the sky was dim. Until now I think of it, I still feel that my throat and stomach are uncomfortable.

Before he could recover, the news of "Ding Ding" in the group, one after another.Take a look at each other, everyone’s answers, but there is a lot of answers, that is, "sleeping."

Nearly 70 % of Baoma felt that the hardest to sleep during pregnancy was to sleep, especially when she entered the third trimester, she never slept with a sense of peace.

From the god of Bao Ma:

@: Don’t mention, for two months in the third trimester, he never fell asleep at all.Every night, either is tortured by waist and abdomen, or tortured by urine …

@: Like the mother upstairs, the eyes are stuck in the third trimester that they can’t open their eyes, but they can’t enter deep sleep. Don’t mention how uncomfortable the taste is.

@: Go to the toilet for half an hour, plus the pain in the pubic bone, you can’t find a suitable sleeping posture at all, and every day is half asleep and half a wake.

Looking at Bao Ma’s vomiting, I remembered my third trimester, as if it was really that.At that time, the greatest wish was to wait for the baby to be born and then sleep a few good awareness.

The reason why I was vomiting for pregnancy was so profound that I had just found pregnancy and had no time to be happy, so I vomited particularly.

But anyway, after all, it is over. Whether it is vomiting during pregnancy or difficulty in sleeping in the third trimester, it is already a past.

Many times watching the sleeping, smiling, and crying babies are particularly happy.I always feel that the grievances and pain at that time are worth it.

As a person who comes, I really want to share my experience in the summary of pregnancy with you one by one.I have experienced it, so I especially understand that expectant mothers who are not sleeping in the third trimester want to share some discomfort for them.

Sleeping pain in the third trimester is large in these aspects

1. There is no suitable posture

The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and it is getting more and more difficult to turn over. Lying on the bed, I don’t know what posture is the most suitable at all.Many mothers recommend "lying on the right lying" and feel that this is the best posture for the baby’s development.

But in fact, the same posture is maintained for half an hour, and it is already sour. How can I keep it all night?In the end, there was no suitable sleeping position on the side of the toss, and the result was dawn.

2. The frequency of going to the toilet is too high

You Bao’s mother said: The toilet for half an hour is already very happy!

Indeed, some Baoma’s frequency of going to the toilet is higher, and it may go to two or three times in half an hour.Many times, I do n’t really want to go to the toilet, but that the urine is too obvious.

I also told myself: Cold!Go twice less, so you can sleep more for a while.

But how can I hold on to the toilet?For pregnant women, even if she wants to hold it, she is worried that it is not good for the baby.

3. Pain pain is obvious

The more than the third trimester, the feeling of pain in the pubic bone is becoming more obvious, and it has seriously affected sleep.

Even if it is ordinary, it will make the pain in the pubic bone strong.So many pregnant mothers, in order to reduce the double torture of sleeping posture and pubic pain, they barely maintain a posture.

But pubic pain is a normal physiological phenomenon, especially before and after the due date, the pain is more obvious.What pregnant mothers can do is tolerance. Before production, temporarily hold back.

How to improve sleep quality in the third trimester?

Everyone knows that the quality of sleep directly affects the state of pregnant mothers.In addition, it will also affect the development, growth, and his personality of the baby.

Therefore, the sleep of pregnant mothers is important.What you can do at present is to find methods to improve the quality of sleep at the moment, so that all pregnant mothers can have good sleep.

1. Find a comfortable sleeping position.The most important thing is, of course, the sleeping position. Pregnant mothers should find the best position according to their physical condition, which can improve sleep quality to the greatest extent.

2. Adjust your mood.If it is too irritable and anxious, it will also affect the quality of sleep.Therefore, pregnant mothers must regulate their mood, let themselves think more, do more happy things, and help sleep.

3. Make as much as possible during the day.Some people say: I ca n’t sleep because I do n’t sleep.In this case, exercise more during the day, make yourself tired, and sleep more in the evening.

4. Drink a small cup of hot milk before going to bed.The warm milk has the effect of sleeping, but you can’t drink too much, otherwise the number of times the night will increase at night.

I believe that most Baoma has experienced torture that can’t sleep and sleep well in the late pregnancy.how to say?Since this is a must -have before production, the pregnant mother has adjusted her mentality and makes themselves happy to meet every day of pregnancy.

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