What is the first birth check?

Zhenzhen’s menstruation every month will be visited in 30 days, but she is not pregnant for half a year of marriage. It is a bit overwhelmed to see her anxious. From the 12th day of menstruation, it uses ovulation test strips to monitor ovulation daily.Starting to use early pregnancy test strips to detect whether to get pregnant. It has been operated for two months. This time the 29th day of menstruation, the early pregnancy test paper has two red bars, but the color is a bit light. By 32 days, the color is darker.team leader".Zhenzhen was very happy. I couldn’t wait to call Xiao Jinhua (my assistant). When will I go to the hospital for the first birth check?What do you check?

After a few days of menstruation, after a few days after the early pregnancy test strip was used to test the pregnancy, the first time I went to the hospital for examination, we must first determine whether it was really pregnant.Generally, the blood test is required to check the value of HCG in the blood.At the same time, look at the progesterone and estradiol levels in the body.

If you have been discontinued for about six weeks, or the value of HCG reaches around 2000, you can do B -ultrasound at this time, and you can check whether you are pregnant in the palace below the B -ultrasound.It is best to do a yin super check, see more clearly, and see that the pregnancy time is about 5-7 days earlier than the belly.Once it is determined to be pregnant in the palace, the first check -up time is generally carried out around 6-10 weeks after pregnancy, and pregnancy health cards need to be built during inspection.

There are many contents of the first inspection, and some inspection items need to be empty stomach, so the first checkup must go to the hospital on an empty stomach.Generally, blood type, blood type, liver and kidney function, thyroid function, urine routine, color Doppler ultrasound, blood pressure, hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, etc. also need to check the poverty of the land, at the same time you need to check ECG, height and weight, pelvic size, breasts, breastsEssence

The first check -in inspection will be more careful and comprehensive. We must pay attention to this checkup. The doctor will ask you a lot of questions. You must actively communicate with the doctor and effectively cooperate with the inquiry and inspection work.

Different pregnant women should arrange the inspection items based on specific conditions.If there is certain diseases or family genetic diseases in the personal body of pregnant women, in addition to conventional pregnancy examinations, some necessary disease screening must be performed to ensure eugenics.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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