What is the fastest signal after a woman’s pregnancy?These three signals, you can check self -examination!

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, the process of waiting for successful pregnancy is long and tortured.Because a woman only discharged one egg a month, there is only one chance to succeed in conception. If this month fails, she may need to wait for next month.In fact, whether it is a woman who is prepared or a woman who does not want to get pregnant, they all want to know whether the body will change after successful pregnancy.Woman knows before!After successful conception, these feelings may appear first!

1. Men stop menstruation

When we watched some TV series, many women were disgusting after getting up in the morning. At this time, the people around me began to discuss, and they said whether they were pregnant.In fact, for women who are pregnant, early pregnancy signals such as pregnancy generally appear about one month of pregnancy, so this reaction is too late.The fastest signal of pregnancy is actually discontinued, and it is also a more accurate signal.So if your menstruation is delayed for about 7-10 days, you need to consider at this time, it may be pregnant.

2. chest pain

When the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, it will appear about seven days after the same room after the ovulation day. The fertilized eggs successfully bed represent the successful pregnancy of a woman.development.As the secretion of hormones increases, it will stimulate women’s chest, causing women to tenderness and tingling on the chest, and the chest will become particularly soft.However, some women also have chest pain before menstruation. At this time, you will cooperate with whether a menopause signal will occur to determine whether you are pregnant.

3. Intuition feels "pregnant"

It is said that women’s sixth sense is very strong, which means that when a woman is pregnant, intuition may tell you.But some women who are anxious to pregnancy, or women who are not pregnant for a long time, may have symptoms of fake pregnancy.That is to say, I always feel pregnant, and there is a series of early pregnancy reactions.In fact, the cause of this problem is mainly because of your urgent psychology, causing disorders in the secretion of hormones in the body, which in turn causes you to have a false pregnancy state.

When you are preparing for pregnancy, which signal do you know that you are pregnant?Do you hold different views on this question?You can leave a message in the comment area below. You can also pay attention to the editor, and you will share some parenting knowledge every day.

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