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Everyone knows that women’s menstruation will stop after pregnancy. When the body recovers after giving birth, menstruation will come again.Under normal circumstances, mothers who do not breastfeed will have a holiday in 4-6 weeks after giving birth, and breastfeeding mothers generally have a holiday in about 18 weeks after delivery.Many mothers feel that since the breastfeeding does not have menstruation during breastfeeding, there will be no ovulation, and there is no need for contraception in the same room.Is it really?The gynecological doctoral doctor said the truth, and many people made a mistake.

Do you need contraception during lactation?

Gynecologist explained that although menstruation did not come during breastfeeding, it was not a safe period. If contraceptive measures were not taken, the mother might be unexpectedly pregnant.This is because most mothers recover the ovulation function of the ovarian first, and then come to menstruation, so even if there is no menstruation, they will excrete the eggs. Moms who do not want to get pregnant when they are pregnant. When they are in the same room, they must take contraceptive measures.

Precautions for mothers during breastfeeding

Pay attention to the rationality of diet

During breastfeeding, the mother also feeds the baby, and the daily diet directly determines the quality of breast milk. If the baby wants to develop well, the mother must ensure the nutritional balance of the diet.In addition to daily intake of protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients, vitamins should also be appropriately supplemented, so as to make breast milk nutrition more comprehensive.However, breastfeeding mothers’ breasts are more sensitive and fragile. They must beware of various breast diseases, especially mastitis.After breastfeeding, the mother must empty the excess milk in the breast to prevent the milk from blocking the breast duct and triggering mastitis.Moms can use electric breast pumps to better empty breasts. Multiple -piece suction can be freely selected without worrying about breast discomfort.

Pay attention to breast hygiene

Because the mother’s body is weak and the amount of sweating is relatively large, it is easy to breed bacteria, and the baby’s physical resistance is poor. Therefore, before breastfeeding, the mother must ensure the clean and hygiene of the breast.Moms can wipe the breasts and nipples with a clean wet towel, and then let the baby suck. After each feeding, pay attention to wipe it clean to prevent the milk from the milk that remains on the areola.

Do not take medicine casually

Mother breastfeeding mothers must not use the medicine at will, otherwise some ingredients in the drug may penetrate into breast milk. After the baby drinks it, it will have discomfort and even affect his health.If you are sick during lactation, your mother must eat medicine under the guidance of a doctor to avoid harm to the baby.

Mother who is in breastfeeding, ovarian recovery and menstruation do not necessarily synchronize. In order to avoid accidental pregnancy, the mother must take contraceptive measures for the first time after giving birth.During breastfeeding, mothers should also pay special attention to some of her behaviors, so as not to affect the quality of breast milk and delay the baby’s development.

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