What is the effect of Ejiao?When to eat?How to eat?

With the arrival of autumn, the weather in various places has gradually become cold, and nourishing the national treasure -Ejiao will gradually appear in front of people.So, what is the effect of Ejiao?How to eat?When to eat?Today I will introduce it to you in detail.

1. Blood and bleeding

Ejiao can promote hematopoiesis, significantly increases red blood cells and hemoglobin content, and has good effectEssence

2. Improve sleep

Ejiao can disturb the fire of the mind by nourishing yin and nourishing blood. It can strengthen calcium nutrition and maintain neurological function. It has a strong sedative effect.

3. Meridity and tire

There are many reasons for menstruation, mainly blood deficiency, blood stasis and blood fever.Blood deficiency can be used to work with single -flavored gelatin. Those with blood stasis and blood fever can be appropriately equipped with other drugs.

After conception, yin -blooded to raise tires is the most prone to deficiency, and the fetal element is not solid, the fetal movement is uneasy, and even abortion.Ejiao supplement yin and blood, Yi Chong, so he can raise tires and regulate pregnancy.Ejiao contains lysine, arginine, histine, and cystine, calcium, sulfur, etc., helping the fetus.

4. Beauty and beauty

Ejiao nourishes the skin through blood tonic, which is conducive to skin care. It has been used as a good beauty product for women.After taking Ejiao, the face is rosy, the skin is tender, and there is shiny. This is the common result of Ejiao’s nutritional effect on the skin and promoting the absorption and maintenance of calcium.

5. Anti -cancer

Ejiao can be used as auxiliary drugs for radiotherapy and chemotherapy.In addition, Ejiao can also promote the transformation of healthy human lymphocytes, and at the same time, it can also improve the transformation rate of lymphocytes in patients with tumor patients, which can slow down the tumor, improve symptoms, and prolong life.

6. Strong tendon and healthy bone

Ejiao blood supplementation, blood can nourish tendons, liquid can lubricate the joints, and enrich bone marrow, spinal cord, and brain marrow.Therefore, "Medicine theory" said that taking Ejiao can "strengthen bones and bones."Ejiao also helps eliminate bone joint diseases and restore injured joint functions.Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" said that Ejiao can "treat men and women all wind diseases, bone festivals pain".Later generations added in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" that Ejiao can cure "internal injuries, low back pain, strong stretching, and adding essence to the kidneys."

Ejiao is a mild nourishing product. It can be eaten all year round, but it will be better to eat in the cold season.

the reason is:

Ejiao is a nourishing and tonic. It is not easy to digest on hot days. In addition, the high environmental temperature is easy to deteriorate. In addition, the human body needs more calories and appetite, which will be more conducive to the absorption of Ejiao. Therefore, it is best to take Ejiao in the cold season.It is best to take it for half an hour to an hour after breakfast and after lunch after breakfast and noon.

special reminder:

Ejiao is more greasy and easy to hurt the stomach. It is best to eat appetizing side dishes during taking.At the same time, when suffering from colds, cough, diarrhea and other diseases or menstruation,

Getting Ejiao should be stopped, and it should be taken after healing or suspension; those who have stagnation and stagnation of indigestion and bleeding should not be taken.

1. The general dosage of Ejiao is 3-9 grams, which can be increased and subtracted according to personal constitution, and do not exceed 12 grams at most.

2. Ethics can cause flatulence, diarrhea, fire, constipation.In particular, people with diarrhea, fire, and indigestion should be used with caution.

3. Ejiao is generally integrated with dinner. It is recommended to take 30 minutes after meals.Ejiao is a gel drug with a large stickiness. It should be used to dissolve it with water or rice wine.

You can make powder. You can make powder in a pharmacy. If you don’t get trouble, you can boil it with walnuts and black sesame seeds.Do it for you, some places are called Guyuan cream, some are called Ejiao.It’s not bad to eat that.If you are troublesome, you can directly flourish and flood, but the taste will not be good.Or you can steam it, steam it on the drawer, and eat a little every day to see if you personally like or which is convenient.In addition, it can also be made into Ajiao sugar liquid directly.The method is to smash the Ejiao block, take 6-10 grams, put it in a bowl, and add boiling water to most bowls.Ejiao is more difficult to dissolve. It must be stirred repeatedly with chopsticks until it melts, and then add white sugar (rock sugar or brown sugar) or honey.Stir well and take it.This method is simple and convenient, and the taste will be better than directly powder and water, and it will not affect the original effect.

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