What is the difference between pregnancy vomiting and gastric vomiting?Different symptoms have different symptoms

Many female friends will produce pregnancy vomiting in the initial stage of pregnancy, but some female friends do not know that they are pregnant, so the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are mistaken for vomiting caused by uncomfortable stomach.Mistake stomach vomiting is the vomiting caused by pregnancy.In fact, although pregnancy and vomiting are symptoms of vomiting, they are not exactly the same. What is the difference between pregnancy and vomiting and gastric vomiting?

Pregnancy and vomiting are a common phenomenon in pregnancy, and usually occur in the early stages of pregnancy.Because the increase in progesterone in the body affects the gastrointestinal and intestines, it causes the symptoms of vomiting, and it will also feel nausea, fatigue, and drowsiness.Some women during pregnancy will suddenly feel nauseous in the morning and evening, and then develop the symptoms of vomiting, or suddenly vomit when they smell the smell of food.However, pregnancy vomiting is different from gastric vomiting. Pregnancy and vomiting will not cause people to feel abdominal pain, and the body will feel much easier after vomiting, and it does not affect the later eating.In addition, the symptoms of vomiting caused by early pregnancy are usually slowly reduced after the early stages of pregnancy until they disappear.

There are many causes of gastric vomiting, such as chronic gastritis, indigestion, and cold cold can cause gastric vomiting.Gastric vomiting caused by chronic gastritis, symptoms are mostly manifested as gastric acid, vomiting, and will feel faint pain in the abdomen.Gastritis patients can cause gastric vomiting symptoms when they eat some irritating or cold foods. Unlike pregnancy and vomiting, patients do not cause symptoms of gastric vomiting when smelling the smell of food.Conditioning is not like pregnancy and vomiting, and it will slowly disappear with the growth of pregnancy.In addition, when a cold is cold, it will also cause discomfort in the stomach, which will cause symptoms of gastric vomiting, and it is mostly accompanied by headache and dizziness. The gastric vomiting caused by poor digestion will also be accompanied by bloating. These symptoms willThere are some differences from pregnancy and vomiting.

The above can be seen that the causes of pregnancy and vomiting are different, and there will be some differences in the symptoms.Vomiting caused by stomach diseases will be accompanied by symptoms of abdominal pain, and the body does not have other discomfort after pregnancy and vomiting, and the symptoms of pregnancy and vomiting will slowly disappear.It will disappear automatically.If a woman’s body suddenly occurs with symptoms of vomiting, pay more attention to whether the body has other unwell symptoms and whether there is menopause.If you cannot judge whether you are vomiting or pregnancy and vomiting, you should go to the hospital for testing in time.

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