What is the difference between fallopian tubes and fallopian tubes?

The tubal tubal tubal liquid and uterine fallopian tube photoplastic use is a method of checking infertility. So what are the differences between fallopian tubal angiography and flux?Today, let’s talk about the advantages, disadvantages, and differences of fallopian tubal angiography and flux.

Same point:

They are all minimally invasive methods. They must be placed in a rubber tube in the uterine cavity through the vagina. This tube is about 3mm diameter, and usually does not need to expand the palace.


1. Different ways to judge

Water flow is to inject physiological saline through the pipe, feel the size of the pressure by hand, or use the machine to depict the pressure to determine the smoothness of the fallopian tube, and the misjudgment rate is higher.

Circulation is not to inject physiological saline, but to inject iodine -containing zoscao through the tube, use the X -ray diagnostic instrument, and line the X -ray perspective and photography.A method of examination in the form of the uterine cavity.

2. Different degrees of pain

Water may be more painful for patients, because it is tested by testing the liquid tolerance of the fallopian tube, and there may be obvious lower abdomen pain in the process.There are not so many contrast agents injected with angiography, just to fill the uterus and fallopian tubes, and the corresponding degree of pain may be less.

3. Different accuracy

The judgment of the results of the water through the water is very objective, such as the emotional and physical conditions of the patient, and the level of the doctor, which will affect the judgment of the result, but the exposure is more objective.when.

4. Different effectiveness

Many people have mentioned it and said that for the first time to check the doctor to let water pass, the result is not ideal. The doctor will recommend to make another angiography to determine what the situation of the fallopian tube is.Will continue to do other treatment methods, which will suffer both felony.

Volunteal fluid and angiography advantages and disadvantage comparison

The price of water through the water is cheaper, but because the water through the water depends on the subjective consciousness of the doctor, the Tong is still not through, and the misdiagnosis rate is high, and the water blocking part, extent, and nature of the fallopian tube cannot be seen.Is there any adhesion, deformity, etc.

With the development of medicine, the flood of fallopian tube is gradually replaced by the fallopian tubal angiography.The fallopian tube angiography can clearly see the location, degree, and nature of the fallopian tube blocking, whether there is a block, which part of the blockage is, or whether there is adhesion to see it clearly.And filmmaking can be kept permanently, which is convenient for the next review to compare.

[Warm reminder] Women who have a normal sex life without contraception, or women who have been pregnant or have never been pregnant after abortion, are recommended to prepare a tubal angiography before pregnancy to check whether the fallopian tubes are unobstructed.Dental tube blockage delays your pregnancy time.””””@

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