What is the chest tightness in the early pregnancy?No need to worry too much, just pay more attention

After pregnancy, it is prone to chest tightness symptoms. They often feel poor breathing and can’t breathe.With the increase of pregnancy, many pregnant women’s chest tightness symptoms will increase, and even in the early stages of pregnancy, the chest tightness is short. Under the case of unknown reasons, pregnant women are often worried.When this symptoms occur, you need to pay attention to it, to find out the cause to prevent the body from abnormal.

What is the chest tightness in the early pregnancy?

Early pregnancy has chest tightness, pregnant women need to breathe hard, inhale more oxygen, and the body’s regulation will change to meet the human body’s needs for oxygen.Because kicking by hormones after pregnancy is increased, especially the technology of progesterone, it will directly affect the normal movement of the pregnant woman’s lungs and stimulate the respiratory center. Therefore, chest tightness symptoms are prone to occur early in early pregnancy.

In addition, chest tightness is also prone to occur in the late pregnancy, mainly because the uterus continues to increase the diaphragm after continuous increase.Therefore, pregnant women are more laborious when breathing, and the symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath will be more obvious.But in general, these are normal physiological phenomena, and generally do not need to worry too much.

What causes chest tightness?

1. Handle palpitations can cause chest tightness symptoms. Patients with palpitations are often accompanied by symptoms such as mental anxiety, insomnia, excessive worry, and emotional uneasiness.

2. Many pregnant women are prone to insomnia because they are worried about the development of the fetus, causing chest tightness symptoms.

3. Some menopausal women often have uneasy emotions due to the disorders of endocrine systems, causing sleep quality to decrease, and even sleep disorders. Handle palpitations and palpitations can easily cause chest tightness.Therefore, in life, you can eat more foods that can eat solemn and help sleep, which can effectively alleviate this symptom. You can choose foods such as milk, red dates, longan, wolfberry, and honey to treat palpitations and insomnia.

4. If you have been engaged in physical labor for a long time, often carrying or working hard, your body energy is consumed in large quantities, which is very prone to symptoms of chest tightness and breath.Especially in the hot summer, people who work outdoors are very easy to be short of water due to a large amount of sweat. Heat stroke is a common disease in summer. Patients with heat stroke will also be accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, chest tightness, and unsmooth breathing.Rest.Taking heat -eliminating drugs while replenishing water can alleviate the chest tightness caused by heat stroke or overworked.

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