What is the chance of girlfriend’s pregnancy without any safety measures?

The most lively melon field is always in the entertainment industry. Do you have eaten the melon of a "girlfriend" to have a "girlfriend"?

Unexpected pregnancy, abortion, unmarried first pregnancy … You can see the star "collapse" at a time. Is it true that what a star fan said "because their sperm quality is relatively high, so it is easy to make a time ‘" "Intersection

Actually not necessarily.First of all, the sperm quality of male stars is not high, but they are clear. Secondly, there are many ordinary people in life who have unexpected pregnancy in life, but ordinary people are not like celebrities. Every move can attract everyone’s attention.

For ordinary people, unexpected pregnancy is nothing more than two ways: one is to be born, and the other is to go to the hospital for artificial abortion, that is, abortion or fetal.

Most people who do not have a pregnancy plan will choose the second one, but the flow of people will cause harm to the body and spirit of women, and a few patients may have serious complications during the operation. Frequent abortion will even cause an artificial abortion or even lead to an intrauterine in the uterus.Membrane damage causes habitual abortion.

In fact, it is very simple to do not want to get pregnant accidentally. As long as the condom is used correctly throughout the process, there are always small couples who are unwilling to take safety measures for various reasons."It is not big", but the neighbor has received several similar fans’ private messages.

Regarding probability, this really has no exact number. If you want to determine whether you will get an accidental pregnancy, you need to analyze the specific situation:

(1) Look at the time period in the same room.Generally speaking, the chance of ovulation within 1 to 3 days after women’s menstrual periods are relatively small. If there is no safety measures during this period of time, the probability of pregnancy is about 25%, which is a relatively small probability; if it is ovulation or ovulation,Around the period, the probability of women’s pregnancy will be relatively high, about 60%to 80%.

(2) Look at the sperm quality of men.If men suffer from infertility, or sperm activity is too low, the probability of one time will be relatively small.

(3) See if women’s ovarian organs are abnormal.If women have abnormal ovarian organs, they will cause ovulation disorders or not directly ovulation. In this case, the chance of accidental pregnancy is very small.

Some people say that "the safety period is not pregnant, and can rest assured." This view is wrong.

The so -called safety period is a relative ovulation period, but the chance of pregnancy is greatly reduced, but it is not reduced to 0%. Therefore, the safety period is also best to use condoms throughout the process.

Please keep in mind that if you do not take any security measures, you default to the standard of preparation. Especially for girls, you must be responsible for your own body. After all, the risk of girls will be greater after accidents.

PS: Unless the other party has no health problems and plans to prepare for pregnancy, neighboring monarchs are recommended to use condoms. It can not only contraception, but also prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, condyloma acuminatum ~

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