What is the cause of back pain for pregnant women?5 techniques to relieve back pain during pregnancy

After 4 months of pregnancy, about 3/4 of pregnant women have symptoms of back pain. The manifestation of back pain is: the waist is like twisting the waist, and it will feel sorely.So why do pregnant mothers have back pain after pregnancy?Is there any way to help expectant mothers alleviate back pain symptoms.

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

① The abdomen is heavy, and the correct posture cannot be maintained. The waist muscles are prone to fatigue and cause back pain.After speaking, after walking with two legs, low back pain is doomed.Moreover, the pregnant woman with a heavy bag on the stomach, or it is for granted that it causes low back pain.

② Change the secretion of hormone secretion in the pregnant body.After pregnancy, in order to pass the birth canal during childbirth, a hormone secretion of the human body can relax the ligament that connects the pelvis. This hormone can also relax the muscles and increase the curvature of the spine, so it is easy to get back pain.

③ Insufficient exercise has caused people to decline in basic physical strength.If you decrease in physical strength, you cannot maintain a normal posture, and it is easy to get back pain.

④ In addition, the impact of the uterus and fetus can also cause low back pain.

What are the ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

1. Proper "lazy"

For the diligent pregnant mummy, at this time, you must learn "lazy", but don’t exhaust your baby!

1. In the early pregnancy, pay attention to the right amount of rest to make your body relax and reduce fatigue.

2. In the middle of pregnancy and in the third trimester, you must not work more and heavy. Maybe you accidentally flash your waist and twist your legs. If you are uncomfortable, you will be afraid of hurting the fetus.

3. Like laundry, climbing things, raising things, and too heavy backs, etc., they will "stretch" the waist. Let the husband do it to let the husband do it. What a polite to him, let alone because of family contradictions.Gambling desperately!

4. Each walk or walk is considered a good, not too long.Well, from this, learn to learn to be "lazy".

2. Pay attention to the tranes of pregnant women to move their brains

It’s not so safe to go out with a "big leather ball". I accidentally encountered it, and I was physically and mentally exhausted, back pain, and my back pain.Therefore, when going out, pregnant moms are still careful.

Now, give pregnant mommy a little trick and tips, you might as well try it!

1. Be careful not to take a lot of ways, and the malls can not stroll one after another, so as not to get tired of being soft and back pain in their feet.

2. Do not go out to do tension, excitement or too much travel activities, too much can cause low back pain.

3. Don’t be shy by bus, take the initiative to ask young people, people around you will support you.

4. One of my big mistakes that year was unwilling to wear maternity costumes and worried about ugliness.People are just a fat man, and no one makes a seat.After grievances, we put on maternity pants the next day, but I didn’t expect to be enthusiastically taken care of.You might as well learn my experience and tried it repeatedly.

5. It is best to take a taxi when the weather is too cold or overheated.

6. When shopping, you have to rest. There are rest areas in the mall.

7. Don’t take too long to visit the mall, the air quality inside is also very poor!

3. Pregnant mothers can enjoy massage

For those with mild symptoms, you can do home massage exercises at home.At this time, it was a great time for the prospective father to dedicate the love, quickly learn a few professional and authentic massage skills, and make a sweet massage every day for your beloved wife.

In addition, you can also make local hot compresses. It can be used with hot towels, gauze and hot water bottle. For half an hour a day, it can also reduce the pain.

4. Pay attention to vitamins during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to the rapid development of the fetus, pregnant moms are easy to lack various nutrients and minerals, especially calcium, vitamins and iron. Once they are lacking, they can easily cause back pain.

When low back pain is accompanied by "cramps" and sciatica, in addition to quick calcium supplementation and vitamin B1, they must also consult the doctor in time to seek help.Those who lack minor are recommended to supplement food supplement.

5. Pregnant women during pregnancy should pay attention to warmth under their feet

People say that they are cold under their feet, and they will be cold in their hearts, which is right.Especially in the intersection of winter and spring, the cold is forced. Pregnant moms must protect their feet and legs. Now wool socks and cashmere pants should be available.The person causing low back pain.

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