What is the cause of abdominal distension during pregnancy? The physiological bloating during pregnancy is normal

What does abdominal distension feel during pregnancy?

Presumably, only those who have experienced it will know the real feeling of abdominal distension. Generally, the uterine contraction will make the abdomen feel pulling, and pregnant women will feel uncomfortable. This is abdominal distension.It feels like constipation lasted for a week, some seem to rise, while some of the balloon inflatable, while others become like watermelon, and there are all kinds of feelings.

What are the causes of abdominal distension during pregnancy

For the first time, about 14%of people who felt bloating for the first time, about 14%of the early pregnancy, about 48%in the middle of 5 to 7 months of pregnancy, and about 28%in the later stages of 8 months.About half of the people felt abdominal distension in the middle period, but there were also many people who felt it only after 10 months of pregnancy.

In simple terms, "abdominal distension" is a physiological behavior.Physiological abdominal distension is accompanied by pregnancy, and there is no need to worry about it at all.As long as you keep quiet, you can control it, it is safe.It should be noted that if the bleeding and abdominal distension are regular, these may be a precursor to premature or abortion, and it must not be ignored.

Causes of abdominal distension during pregnancy:

1. Hormon is too active

Your hormones will be very active during pregnancy, so the smooth muscle tissue of your whole body will relax and affect your normal metabolism and digestive activities, causing bloating and flatulence.

2. Eat too much food

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can easily consume food to prevent the baby from insufficient nutrition.But it is easy to accidentally eat too much, which causes the stomach to accumulate too much food, causing abdominal distension and discomfort.

3. The uterus holds the stomach

Because your belly will continue to grow, the uterus will stand up to your stomach, which will cause your abdomen to feel swollen and easily affect your appetite.

What to do during pregnancy

1. Drink a lot of water

Water is often the simplest solution to solving many health problems.In this case, as long as you drink sufficient water or other liquids, you can solve the problem that you feel bloating and bloated.

2. Take more fiber

Add a large amount of coarse grains and fiber -rich foods in daily diet, because it can disperse food and ensure easier and faster digestion, so that there will be less opportunities to swell due to a large amount of gas.

3. Eat small parts frequently

Eating 3 or 4 meals during pregnancy is not a good idea. You should eat more frequently, eat a small part, avoid eating a lot of food at a time, and then feel heavy and full.

4. Chew the food correctly

You must thoroughly chew food to ensure that the oral channel itself is digested normally, breaks down the food into a smaller part, and the stomach is more likely to digest and absorb food residues.

5. Avoid certain foods

Some beanic foods can cause severe abdominal distension, or discomfort caused by stomach gas.Avoid cabbage, sweets, and fried foods.Persist in eating fresh fruits and vegetables for your basic nutritious food.

6. Mild exercise exercise

In addition to diet control, mild exercise can also help the food smoothly through the intestine to solve your bloating.Let yourself exercise for 10 to 15 minutes a day, walking, swimming, and rest.

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