What is the cat’s buttocks very itchy?Three common reasons for itching

Recently, a cat friend reported to us such a situation. Her cats always dragged their ass on the ground, and they licked it everywhere.

She could feel that the cat was a bit wrong, and she wondered whether the cat’s buttocks were itchy?Ask me what to do.

The situation she said, that may indeed be the cat’s buttocks.As for what to do, first look at the specific reason for itching.

Cat’s anal glands are two small glands under the cat’s anus. They produce anal glandular fluid for lubricating cat’s feces.However, if the cat’s anal glands are infected or blocked, it may cause itching.The following is some reasons that may cause cat anal glands:

1. Anal glands infection: anal gland infection is a common cause of itching of cats.When anal gland is infected with bacteria, anal glands are inflamed, and pain and itching can cause pain.This infection usually needs to be treated with antibiotics, and the anal glands of cats often need to clean the cat to prevent re -infection.

2. Anal glands blocking: If the cat’s anal glandular fluid is not discharged in time, the anal glands may block.This can accumulate anal glandular fluid in the gland, causing anal glands to swell and itching.Anal glands may need to be treated with surgical resection or medication.

3. Dietary problem: If the cat’s diet is too fine or lacks cellulose, it may cause constipation or diarrhea, which will also cause anal glands.To prevent this, it can provide cats with high -quality and healthy diets and ensure that they have sufficient water intake.

4. Behavioral problems: If a cat has an excessive licking or licking behavior, it may also cause anal glands.In this case, the problem may be needed through behavioral correction, such as diverting attention when cats are over -licking.

Cat’s ass parasites mainly include fleas, mites, tapeworms, tapeworms, etc.These parasites have a great impact on cat’s health, so it is important to discover and treat in time.

Flea is one of the most common parasites of cats.They can obtain nutrition by taking cats’ blood, while also secreting hormones, causing cat inflammation and itching.In order to prevent flea infections, the shoveling officer should regularly perform physical examinations for the cat, and use flea potion or flea collar to deal with it in time after discovering the flea.

Mites are also one of the common parasites for cats.They are mainly parasitic on cat’s skin and hair, causing symptoms such as skin diseases and hair removal.In order to prevent mite infection, shovel officers should keep the cat’s living environment clean and dry, and use mites to treat them in time after discovering mites.

There may also be parasites such as tapeworms and tapeworms in cat digestive systems.These parasites can cause cats with diarrhea, indigestion, anemia and other symptoms, and may even endanger their lives in severe cases.In order to prevent intestinal parasites infection, the shoveling officer should regularly repeat the cat deworming and pay attention to maintaining environmental hygiene.

When food allergies, it may also cause the symptoms of itching of cats. This itching can cause cats to keep scratching and may even cause skin trauma.In addition to itching of the butt, cats may also show other allergic symptoms, such as redness, hair removal, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

To determine whether the cat is allergic to a certain food, you can start from the following aspects:

1. Observe the cat’s eating habits: If the cats frequently appear the symptoms of itching of the butt, you can observe its eating habits to see if itching occurs after ingesting certain specific raw materials.

2. Elimination method: You can try to gradually eliminate foods that may cause allergies. For example, you can first exclude grains containing wheat and corn, and then gradually eliminate other possible allergens.

3. Food records: Record all the foods that cats have eaten so as to trace back and investigate when allergic symptoms.

Once a cat is found to be allergic to a certain food, it should be replaced with low -sensitivity food as soon as possible.At the same time, anti -allergic drugs or hormonal drugs can be used to treat allergic symptoms, and pay attention to keeping cat’s skin hygiene and avoid infection.

Cat’s butt itching is usually caused by anal glands, parasites, and food allergies. If itching is serious, we need to find the cause in time and intervene as soon as possible.””

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