What is the back pain in pregnant women comprehensively analyzes the cause of back pain for pregnant women

What’s wrong with back pain in pregnant women

First of all, it is clear that low back pain is a common symptom of pregnancy. Lumbaria and back pain are more likely to appear in the second and third trimester, so pregnant women and family should not mess with square inches.

Those with lower back pain in pregnant women are only back pain, and severe cases will also be accompanied by symptoms such as "cramps" and sciatica.The following is the cause of back pain for pregnant women:

Early pregnancy

Back pain at this stage will not be very serious, and the pain is relatively mild, mostly back pain.

Reason 1: Uterine leaning back

The back pain of pregnant women is caused by the back of the uterus, compressing the rectum and ligament, and the pregnant mother does not have to be nervous.

Reasons 2: Insufficient exercise drops physical strength

If pregnant moms are insufficient, they will cause the body’s basic physical strength.If you decrease in physical strength, you cannot maintain a normal posture, so it is easy to get back pain.

Reason three: Pregnant women lying on their backs

When pregnant women are on their back, the expanding uterine wickens oppose the waist and tail of the sacral tail, which can easily cause lower back pain.

Reason 4: Calcium deficiency

Most of the pregnant women have back pain due to calcium deficiency, mainly due to the growing day of the fetus in the pregnant woman’s body, and the pregnant woman’s intake of calcium will gradually insufficient, which will lead to the symptoms of calcium deficiency.

In the middle and late pregnancy

Breeding mothers are very common during this period, mostly caused by special physiological reasons during pregnancy.

Reason one: Top chest and sudden stomach attitude

After pregnancy, the uterus is increasing, and the center of gravity of the body gradually moves forward. When standing or walking, in order to keep the center of gravity balance, pregnant women must lean back to the head and head to form a unique posture of a pregnant woman.The attitude causes spinal pain to cause excessive front curvature of the chest spine.

Reason two: fetal and placenta increase

The fetus and the affiliated placenta and amniotic fluid after pregnancy increased day by day, increasing the burden on the front of the lumbar spine.In order to maintain a balance, the back muscles must be contracted vigorously when the pregnant woman stands, so that the pelvis is leaning forward, forming a unique backbone posture, the lumbar back muscles continue to shrink, and the rest cannot be relaxed.

Reason three: Hormones in the body can relax the muscles

Hormone secretion in the body changes due to pregnancy.In order to successfully pass the birth canal during childbirth, the body of the pregnant mommy will secrete a hormone during pregnancy to relax the ligament that connects the pelvis. This hormone will also play a role in loose muscles, resulting in the increase in the curvature of the spine.So it is easy to feel back pain.

In addition, the following reasons will cause back pain in pregnant women:


Back pain in pregnant women may also be due to low back pain caused by diseases. For example, discoloration, spinal deformation, uterine tumor, urinary tract stones, sciatica, etc.These diseases are sometimes not limited to low back pain, but also affect other parts.

Life habits are not good

Pregnant women are slightly owed to hold heavy objects, wearing high -heeled shoes to go far, work in incorrect posture, etc., can cause back pain in pregnant women.

Kind tips:

The above are the causes of women’s back pain during pregnancy. After finding the cause, the response is prescribed.If pregnant women’s back pain is not because of the disease, after pregnancy, back pain will usually relieve itself, and finally return to normal.Pregnant women can take various methods to actively relieve them. Mothers preparing for pregnancy can actively prevent and pay more attention.

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