What is the baby "feeling" when the couple "do" during the pregnancy?Don’t be ashamed of pregnant mothers

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Xiaoxiu is a mother who is about to become a mother. She just happened to be a obstetrician and gynecologist. When she was pregnant, she went to the cousin to check the cousin and told the husband who came to the checkup.Do not have the same room for three months. When the fetus is stable in the second trimester, if there is nothing, you can’t bear it for so long. The same room in the middle of pregnancy is still safer. It is necessary to pay attention to the safety and not to press the stomach.

Although Xiaoxiu felt a little embarrassed, she felt so difficult to bear so much for her husband.

And Xiaoxiu also wants to know if the baby "room" will know when she is pregnant. What feelings do you feel?

So what is the baby "feeling" when the husband and wife "room" during pregnancy?

1. It seems like being swinging.

For the same room during pregnancy, if the husband and wife are in the same room, our baby is playing like a thousand swing.

Because the fetus is nourished, there are already a lot of amniotic fluid in the uterus in the middle of pregnancy. Nearly a thousand milliliters of amniotic fluid, the vibration of the outside world can make the fetus feel more comfortable.

Just like the baby is almost the same, so when he is in the middle of pregnancy, the fetus is stable, the mother does not have a miscarriage, and if the body is healthier, the same room will not hurt the baby.

2. I feel that my mother is gently stroking herself

The feeling of the child in the mother’s belly also feels that the mother is gently stroking herself. The mother may feel happy in it, and the mother is happy and happy.The same room can also enhance the relationship between husband and wife, and it is also very beneficial to the development of children.

Therefore, in the "room", the fetus may feel that her mother is gently touching herself.

3. Feel the changes in the activity space.

And many times when Bao Da Bao is in the same room, the baby will feel the changes in space activity, because at this time there may be light and micro -uterine contraction, and the fetal treasure can feel the changes in the space. The fetal baby may feel very interestingEssenceBut there are certain benefits. Perhaps because of this reason, there are also many couples who choose to do the same room to do that thing, which is also conducive to the growth of the baby.

1. Dad’s movement should be gentle

In the process of the same room, you should pay attention to the gentleness of the movement, especially for your father, you should grasp the size, but you cannot move too fiercely, which will hurt the fetal gas., Pressing the stomach is to directly press it to the baby. Such a posture still has to be leisurely to ensure the baby’s normal growth.

2. The frequency of the same room should not be too high

When the Bao Bao Bao, when the same room, the frequency should not be too high, and the frequency of too high is that the mother’s uterus becomes often shrink, which may cause some harm to the baby. Think about the growth of the baby.Grasp the frequency when you are too high.

3. Pay attention to cleaning before and after the same room

In the end, you should pay attention to the cleaning of hygiene when you are in the same room. If you do not pay attention to hygiene to cause vaginal infections, it will cause upward infection and affect the healthy growth of your baby. Even if you have a serious vaginal infection, the baby may not be able to give birth, or even when the delivery is normal.Infected, affecting the baby’s health.

The same room during pregnancy seems to interact with the baby in the stomach, and it also helps stimulate the baby’s development, but the precautions should still be observed.

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