What is the "postpartum return" of Victoria’s Secret Model?Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife on March still embarked on the Victoria Secret T stage

Wei Mi Show is a visual feast that gathers the best body in the world. In addition to the super beautiful underwear, it also shows us what is two meters long, the bee waist hips, and the perfect proportion.Even if you are pregnant, the supermodels are never bloated, and they will always be beautiful.

In 2016, the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk’s Victoria’s Secret First Show was criticized by the media as the most secret -secret angel in history. The two Looks she displayed were specifically covered the lower abdomen of pregnancy. It turned out that Lrina was 3 in the belly 3The old -fashioned baby came to the show.The slightly bulging belly did not affect her charm.The eyebrows are flowing and sexy and seductive, leaving a deep impression on everyone.

In fact, on the Victoria’s Secret Field, the hot mom supermodels who can’t get pregnant are abound.AA, S, and Lily ALDIDGE once presented an ultra -level performance in the state of pregnancy, and giving birth to a baby will not become a watershed in the good figure of the angels.

Last year, Lais Ribeiro, who was wearing Fantasy Bra, had a hot figure and a girl -like face.I ca n’t think of it. As a post -90s, she is already a mother of a 10 -year -old boy.Lais’s healthy and well -proportioned figure does not have a little fat, long legs, eye -catching beautiful breasts, but also charming and delicate. He often exposes his interaction with his son on social networking sites and envy others.

Victoria’s model has a very strict standard for model figures. Generally, models are required to have a very low body fat rate. The three sees need to maintain a golden ratio of 8-6-8. For hot moms who have pregnant baby, they can still use their bodies to their bodies.Keeping this dimension is very rare.On the stage of Victoria’s Secret, there are more than one angel supermodel.

The model Lima returned to the opening show of Victoria’s Secret less than 2 months after giving birth. Heidi Klum appeared on the stage of Victoria’s Secret five weeks after giving birth.They recovered their good figures to be stunning.

After reading the figure and state of these supermodels, do you feel envy and jealousy, beauty and sexy do not fall from the sky, people are beautiful before people, and they practice hard. Behind the good figure are sweat in the gym.

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