What is syphilis?These three ways of spreading, please avoid

Syphilis is a kind of sexually transmitted disease. STD is a very embarrassing disease. Many people are very taboo about this disease and are unwilling to talk about it.This patient is generally young people and middle -aged people with single or single.But recently, an old man was found to be severe syphilis, which was a thing that made the old man not only embarrassed and could not figure out.I have no sex life for many years, why do I still have syphilis?The doctor believes that because of some bad habits in daily life, syphilis found the old man.

This old man may be infected when looking at the teeth. Some people like to see some clinics without hygiene qualifications, especially some injections and teeth.It is easy to infect some infectious diseases, of course, including various sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS.Moreover, many people have this bad habit.Everyone must attract attention, and go to a regular hospital for treatment.

Syphilis is actually a kind of sexually transmitted disease, a disease that is harmful to the whole body.The most obvious symptoms are redness and itching of the skin, like allergies, and skin erosion and purulent.In addition, syphilis can spread through the whole body through blood, which will cause harm to people’s eyes, hearts, and the nervous system of human body.

Many people think that as long as it is syphilis, it is transmitted through sexual life. Therefore, even if some people have sexually transmitted diseases, they dare not let others know easily, for fear that others think that their sexual life will not be inspected.In fact, such a view is wrong. There are many ways to spread syphilis. In life, if you don’t pay attention, you will be risky infected with syphilis.

First: Syphilis spread through sexual contact.This is the main way to spread syphilis, and it is also a way to spread.Patients can be infected with syphilis with sexual contact. If the skin and mucous membranes are slightly damaged, the risk of infection is higher.

Second: Communication through maternal and infants.This is the main way for children to infect syphilis. If the mother is a carrier of syphilis, the fetus can be infected by the placenta during pregnancy.In the process of childbirth, some children may also be infected through birth canal. If the skin of the fetus is damaged, contact infections will also occur.

Third: Blood pathway infection.Some people do not have an unclean sex, but they also infected with syphilis. This is mainly caused by contact with the blood, wounds, etc. caused by contact with syphilis patients, and some people will be susceptible to blood transfusion because of illness.

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