What is lutein cyst?How should we control it?Women look at it

The physiological structure of women itself is special. In addition, there are many factors such as current fast -paced life, pollution factors in the living environment, and genetic factors that make luteal cysts a common gynecological disease. Some women may not have heard of lutein cysts, soWhat is the disease of luteal cyst? Let’s know what kind of luteal cyst is below.

The luteum is secreted by the ovary when the ovulation period is completed after the menstrual period. Generally, the ovarian will be secreted after ovulation. The main role of the luteal is to release some hormones to prepare for pregnancy. Under normal circumstancesThe size should be about 3 cm in diameter. If there are many liquid accumulation in the luteum and the size exceeds 3 cm, then it is an abnormal state. This situation is luteal cyst. Most luteal cysts are physiological. GenerallyAfter the end of menstruation, it will be reduced, restores normal, and does not require treatment. However, if the luteal is still not reduced, the possibility of pathology needs to be seek medical treatment in time.

There is a relatively thin layer of sac wall wrapped outside the luteum, which contains a lot of liquid. If the luteal is too large, it is easy to break down during strenuous exercise.Fear of cracking, in fact, the luteal cyst rupture does cause more serious damage to women’s bodies.Women may experience symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and frequent stool after the luteal cyst rupture, and there will be symptoms of bleeding.The problem of luteal cyst rupture may require laparoscopic surgery, and antibiotics should be performed before surgery to prevent infection.

Because luteal cysts are physiological, there is no way to prevent it. If luteal cysts appear, you can avoid risk of rupture through daily life.Safety protection should be done in daily life. Avoid collision when walking. Try not to exercise too much, not too fatigue, combine work and rest, but also change unhealthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, consume more cellulose contentHigh food, avoid constipation.In addition, we must regularly go to the hospital for gynecological examination to understand the changes in luteal cysts in a timely manner.

Kind tips

If there are cysts in the B -ultrasound examination, it is recommended not to panic. You can perform B -ultrasound review to clarify the nature of the cyst. Physiological luteum cysts usually do not need to be treated, but pay more attention in order to avoid its rupture.If the cyst is mixed or real, the possibility of tumor disease should be ruled out. If abnormalities occur in daily life, seek medical treatment in time.

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