What is lipstick? Is it really heavy metal?If you use too much …

What is lipstick?What will happen if you eat too much?

Some time ago, a paragraph circulating on the Internet, "If your boyfriend is gone, you can find it again, but the lipstick may be out of stock."Essence

1. Safety myth about lipstick

There are many girls consulting skin problems. Some people often ask, is it safe to use lipstick every day?Can I still use lipstick when I am pregnant?Are lipsticks painted on your mouth every day?Is the lipstick of big -name poison, and naturally hand -made lipsticks safer?

Everyone is worried about the safety of lipstick, especially heavy metals such as lead and mercury.The various methods of detecting lipstick on the Internet make everyone love and fear of lipstick.

In this article, you will analyze and clear it.If you ca n’t read it too long, you can look at the conclusion first:

As long as it is a lipstick produced by regular brands to regulate manufacturers, it is completely fine every day!

2. In fact, lead is everywhere

Everyone knows that heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, etc. can cause damage to the nervous system, liver and kidney system.However, it is unclear that heavy metals exist in nature. Heavy metals have been generated in the formation of nuclear fusion reactions in the formation of the solar system billions of years.

Drinking water taken from natural water bodies, although a series of treatment, will still contain a certain amount of heavy metals.The food, drinking, and breathing air in our daily life contain heavy metals.

In fact, heavy metals are everywhere in life!If you want to completely isolate heavy metals, then do not drink water or eat without breathing.This is the most determined method, but this is also a way to waste food.

3. Putting the toxicity of the dosage is a hooligan

There is a basic principle in toxicology: dosage determines toxicity.

Many media on the Internet, such as cosmetics and food security problems, such as heavy metal lead in lipstick, food additives, pesticides remain, natural toxins, etc., often ignore this basic principle.Panic conclusions that can be used for nothing.

Out of maintaining public health, whether it is the US FDA or the China Food and Drug Administration, it has comprehensively stipulated the upper limit of the heavy metal content of various cosmetics food and drugs.It is believed that when the heavy metal that exceeds this limit cannot be metabolized, it will cause accumulation, which will cause adverse effects.

The heavy metal in cosmetics, as long as the trace is not exceeding the standard (1 to 10 PPMs), is no problem.The actual situation is also that the regular cosmetics has not exceeded the standard to cause poisoning (of course, excluding the use of three non -products).

4. The heavy metal that may be in contact with lipstick is 1/40 of the daily vegetables and fruits.

Many lipstick raw materials are derived from nature. These raw materials themselves absorb the trace elements of nature during the formation process. After making cosmetics, they naturally contain these heavy metals.

Whether it is lipstick or lip glaze, it is a cosmetics, and the requirements of the "Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications" (2015 edition) must be met.The limits of various harmful substances are specified as follows:

Maybe everyone is very unsightly. In order to facilitate understanding, I will find out the fresh vegetables that everyone wants to eat to compare with fresh fruits.

Vegetables are food and also need to meet the requirements of national standards.National Standard 2762-2012 The heavy metal lead limit is 0.1mg/kg.

In the figure above, the lead content in cosmetics is 10mg/kg.If it is calculated according to the upper limit of the lead content, then: it is really more poisonous than fresh vegetables, which is 1,000 times higher.

But wait, aside from the dosage and toxicity, it is a hooligan.We convert it based on the daily amount.

A lipstick 3.5 grams, we assume that the lipstick mad man finished the one after 35 days.Then the conversion is 0.1 grams of lipstick every day.The World Health Organization recommends that each person should eat 400 grams or more fruits and vegetables per day.

Picking lipstick every day, the most possibility of the intake of the lead content is: 0.1 grams *10mg/kg = 0.001mg.

Normally eat fruits and vegetables. The daily lead content is: 400 grams *0.1mg/kg = 0.04mg.

It can be found that it may be 40 times lower than that of redness every day than eating fruits and vegetables.Therefore, as long as the regular lipstick is used, it is completely okay to be eaten occasionally.

5. The method of testing lipstick heavy metals on the Internet is pseudo -science

In recent years, the rise of lipstick economy has attracted much attention from the security of lipstick. There are many ways to detect whether lipstick contains heavy metals.The most famous is to use silver jewelry to detect.

The truth is: These are not true!

Anyone who has studied junior high school chemistry knows that silver will not have a chemical reaction with lead at room temperature so fast to generate black substances.After rubbing red with silver jewelry, there are black substances after lipstick, not because of reaction with lead, but because lipstick may contain a small amount of sulfur.

Silver is easy to react with sulfur -containing compounds to generate black silver sulfide, which is common in losing glossy silver coins or other items.

Some items do not contain poison, but contain a lot of sulfur, such as the newly cooked eggs, and the silver needle will become black.Do you not eat eggs in the future?

The reason why many people believe that using silver can detect heavy metals, it is estimated that silver needles are often used in costume dramas.

By the way, the principle of science and poisoning of silver needles is also used for everyone: in ancient times, creams were commonly used as poison, and due to technical restrictions, a large amount of sulfur or sulfides will be mixed in the frost.Silver and sulfur reaction generates black sulfide precipitation to test poison.It can be seen that the silver needle test was only detected in the sulfur in the frost.

6. The FDA of the United States has been tested, and many big -name lipsticks contain heavy metals -this is disconnecting the context and creating panic

One news has been reposted crazy in the circle of friends, and it is still mentioned by many people.It is reported that the 400 lipped red leadership of the US FDA (Drug Administration) in the United States will cause cancer!This scares many girls.

The truth of the restoration is that FDA made 400 kinds of lipsticks from retail stores in 2010, and announced their lead content at the end of 2011.

It can be seen that the 400 kinds of red lead content is very low, and the highest person is only 7.19 mg / kg (PPM), which meets cosmetics safety standards.

The conclusion that FDA comes from the above report: This value does not constitute a security problem that affects human health.As long as the above lipstick is used normally, you don’t have to worry too much.

7. Do not "natural", "no addition" and "security" equal number

We often see such an advertisement or circle of friends: "** Lipstick uses natural ingredients, does not contain preservatives, does not add artificial pigment, is absolutely safe!"

In fact, because the water content of lipstick products is extremely low, the risk of microorganisms is relatively low.Therefore, many lipstick products do not add preservatives.

No preservatives are not special in lipstick products, but the normal state of such products, and there are not much to brag.

Artificial pigment is not necessarily unsafe, and natural pigment is not necessarily safe!

If natural color powder does not control the corresponding quality, such as heavy metals, pesticide residues, etc., it will also bring safety problems.

Lipsticks are generally allowed to be used in the "Technical Specifications for Cosmetics Safety". As long as the quality control of pigment raw materials is done, artificial pigment can also meet the safety needs.Therefore, the label "natural" and "security" cannot be equated.

in conclusion:

The rumors of lipstick will appear in the lipstick every three. If someone says "our lipstick, edible", "less lipstick, poisoning", you can use this article to face.

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