What is good for women to eat?

What is the most nutritious person for people to eat during pregnancy

1. Animal food: Try to choose varieties with high protein content and low fat content. Due to the rich content of trace elements such as livestock and poultry, especially liver vitamin A and iron, women in the middle and late pregnancy should choose more.Low, exquisite muscles, rich protein content, chicken stew soup flavor, it has the effect of stimulating the secretion of digestive fluid, suitable for pregnant women. Fish muscles are delicate, rich in protein, and fat are mainly unsaturated fatty acids., Selenium is more abundant, especially in deep -sea fish fat with a rich 22 carbonal acid (DHA), which is good for fetal brain and nerve development. Pregnant women should eat more fish. The content and composition of essential amino acids in egg protein.It is more ideal than other animal foods. The biological value of protein is very high. It is the highest quality protein in known natural foods. The egg yolk is also rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B1 and B2, so it is the ideal food for pregnant women.

Second, dairy food: The main ingredient of milk protein is a phosphorus -containing composite protein. It has sufficient essential amino acids and is also a complete protein.It is easy to absorb and is a good source of food in the diet. It is more suitable for pregnant women calcium. Although grain valleys and vegetables contain a certain amount of calcium, it contains a certain amount of calcium, but also contains calcium absorption because it contains calcium, phosphate, oxalic acid, and cellulose.Milk contains almost all known vitamins, especially vitamin A and B2, which is an ideal food for pregnant women. Drinking more than 250g daily.

Third, soybean food: Soybean is the food with the highest protein and best quality in plant foods. Except for eggine in its protein, the content of other essential amino acids can be comparable to animal protein, especially the lysine of soybean protein.High content, consumption with cereals can increase the nutritional value of grain protein. Soybean fat is rich in lipidic acid, which is necessary for preventing pregnant women’s blood lipids and fetal growth and development.More, and the price is low, it is best to consume more than 100g daily. Some soy products such as vegetarian chicken, dried halogen, bean curd, and tofu are very high. It is also a good source of calcium.Vitamin B12 100g contains 1.88 ~ 9.6OUG.

Eat these snacks during pregnancy is good for the body

1. Troubled raisins

Tobacco acid, retinol, etc.

Women who are pregnant often feel fatigue. At this time, eating raisins can effectively resist fatigue. This is because eating raisins can absorb minerals and amino acids in it, which is very good for alleviating neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

At this time, pregnant women can not only supplement their energy for themselves, but also can transport nutrition for children in the stomach. Proper consumption of raisins is very helpful for blood supplement. Although raisins are processed and produced by grapes, they areSome of these nutrients are richer than grapes.

Edible raisins can absorb the iron elements. It is very good for women to nourish blood. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, eating raisins can relieve muscles and blood, which also helps to strengthen the spleen appetizers.Blood is supplemented. For women, it can make you look younger. Without that pale face, it will be better for physical regulation.

2. Red dates

Red dates are also a kind of snacks for women. Eating red dates is very helpful for women’s health. There are rich vitamins, minerals, carotene, etc. in red dates, especially the vitamin content in it.Our common food.For example, vitamin C is 70 times that of apples, so some people call red dates as "natural vitamin pills".

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