What is going on without the vagina?What is the difference between normal women?

The 18 -year -old girl "Xiaoxin" is very beautiful, and her popularity in the class is also very good. She has never lacked the pursuit of boys, but the very strange phenomenon is that each boyfriend Xiaoxin talked about it.soon.

Until Xiaoxin was at the age of marriage, the position around him was still empty. Xiao Xin’s mother was anxious and said, "Nothing has stopped you from falling in love. How can you still have no boyfriend at this age."

At this time, Xiaoxin whispered, because the previous boyfriend knew that Xiao Xin had not come to aunt at the age of 18, and felt that Xiaoxin had a problem with his body, so he broke up.

Xiaoxin, who was wronged, had to follow her mother to the hospital for examination. After a meal, the doctor frowned and said, "This girl is a pity, it turned out to be a ‘stone girl’." The mother was crying when she heard this, and Xiao Xin was a head.Mist.

What is this "stone girl"?

"Stone Girl" refers to a special female group with certain defects in the process of female reproductive organs.

Because of some different reasons or different performances, there are some physiological structures that are different from normal women.

In our lives, it is not difficult to find that the differences between men and women are not only reflected in the external appearance, but also in the differences in physiological structure and reproductive structure.

For women, there are unique physiological organs in the body, such as uterus and vagina.It is precisely because of the existence of the uterus and vagina that women who have a specific age experience the periodic of the endometrium of the uterus every month.

The uterus and vagina are a manifestation of women’s power to become the power of mothers, and the menstrual blood of each month symbolizes the hope of the new life and enables life to continue.

We usually think that each woman has uterus and vagina, but as the human base continues to increase, the genes in the body continue to re -combine and change, and some special women have appeared.

They have no vagina for some special reasons, and they have been deprived of the power to become mothers. They are veritable "stone girls".

The causes of "stone girls" are mainly the following.

The first is adhesion and lack of vaginal development, causing vaginal distortion and congenital development abnormalities.

Among them, in some places in the vagina, both sides of the vagina are sticky together, which cannot make the internal and vulva communicate normally, which is generally called "vaginal lock".

This clinical manifestation is similar to the performance of hymen -locking. All women cannot be able to come to menstruation normally, nor can they have a normal sexual life.

However, some women, the vagina is not completely closed or unprepared, but because of the inadequate development, the vagina appears thinner and smaller than the normal women, or some of the vagina appear in the vagina.

Menstruation can usually be normal, but it is relatively small, and there will be difficulty in sexual life after marriage. I often find a doctor to see a doctor.

For some of these vagina or partially closed and adhesive, you can go to the hospital to correct it through surgery under the operation of a professional doctor, and gradually restore menstruation and normal sexual life.Impact.

The second is the real vaginal lack of women.

Women with no vagina usually have no uterus.Because this woman does not have the periodic changes of the internal film because there is no uterus, they will not have menstruation every month.

Without a uterus, there is no place to give birth to children.

This type of woman can restore doctors to add a pseudo -vagina by going to the hospital to restore the function of sexual life as auxiliary tools.

But these women cannot restore menstruation and fertility.

Some women have no vagina, but there are uterus.

The uterus can also perform periodic metabolism, but because there is no vagina and lack of pipelines, metabolites cannot be discharged in time.

Such women should undergo surgery before the first menstruation arrives.

Since the "stone girl" is different from normal women in the physiological structure, what is the difference between physiological performance and normal women?

1. The reproductive system will appear abnormal

Most of the "stone girls" are vaginal problems or a few do not develop vagina, and the vagina is a channel connected to the uterus. This deformity also causes women to have sex with the other half.

If there is a problem with the vagina, the eggs in the uterus will not have normal channels from entering the uterus to the combination of the vagina and the sperm of men to form fertilized eggs.

This leads to unsuccessful conception. Once most women are found "stone girls", they will be abandoned by the other half, and then it is difficult to find the other half. Only a few men can accept the other half of women.defect.

2. Women’s physiological and psychological aspects will be greatly affected

In terms of physiology, sexual life that cannot be carried out normally, lack of vaginal and sexual intercourse experience and feelings, women’s body will endure desire and torture in the body.

If normal sexual intercourse cannot be performed, there will be no successful conception, and there is no way to become mothers and pregnancy and delivery.

In addition, "Stone Girl" can also cause a variety of diseases.Because the vaginal mouth’s labia is abnormally enlarged, the daily secretions cannot be discharged normally, and the accumulated secretions will breed a lot of bacteria.

A large amount of bacteria accumulation can cause lower body infection, causing various diseases such as swelling of the genitals, itching of the genitals, and abdominal distension and other diseases.

Inside the heart will definitely produce imbalances, and negative emotions such as anxiety and anxiety.

Women who do not have vagina have no way to conduct normal sexual intercourse activities, lack normal physiological and psychological experience in daily life, and because of problems that cannot be given birth, they will face social, families, and family members who do not understand and blame.Essence

Excessive psychological pressure will reduce the life and emotional quality of women, let women feel lonely and not understood for a long time, and maliciousness from all directions will make women feel stressful.

3. "Stone Girl" will make it easier to emit odor

Due to the abnormal development of the lower body, the secretions of the vaginal opening are constantly accumulated. Therefore, once the lower body of the "stone girl" is closer, it will smell the unpleasant odor.

Especially in the summer, in the closed space, under the fermentation of high temperature, the closed space air does not circulate, which will make the odor emitting the genitals more obvious, which will affect daily life and social networking.

"Stone Girl" is so different from normal women, so what should be paid attention to in daily life?

If the "Stone Girl" wants to successfully conceive and has his own child, you must go to the hospital for surgery to restore the physiological organs with congenital deformities.

Under normal circumstances, the hospital’s vaginal uterine formation is a relatively safer and effective surgical method.

At the level of modern medical care, the chance of the successful recovery of the "stone girl" is still very high, but no matter what surgery, it must vary from person to person. The result depends on many factors, such as individual acceptance recovery ability and doctor’s surgery.Levels are equal.

Because the "stone girl" does not have the protection of vagina, it is necessary to pay more attention to the daily cleaning and protection of the vulva, otherwise it is easy to cause serious consequences such as bacterial infections.

You can replace your personal clothes regularly, pay attention to the sterilization and disinfection after cleaning the clothes.Every day, you should take the time to clean the private parts, keep it clean, and develop good personal habits.

After each entry into the toilet, wipe it carefully with a toilet paper or clean wet towel to keep the lower body often dry and refreshing to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

Avoid the occurrence of gynecological diseases. If you are unfortunately suffering from diseases, do not relax your vigilance. You must go to a professional hospital to go to time in time and recover as soon as possible.

In terms of diet, pay attention to a light diet, avoid a large amount of cold and greasy things. Be careful not to do not regularly and rest for a long time, such as staying up late, sleeping late and getting up late, etc., to avoid frequent excessive fatigue.

Try to reduce the habits of smoking and alcoholism, do not use some bad behaviors to destroy your health in order to follow the trend or show your personality.

At the same time, in daily life, pay attention to strengthening exercise, and perform appropriate exercise every day to enhance your physique, increase immunity, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Due to the disease of the "stone girl" itself, it is often not understood by family and society, and even the discrimination, ridicule and ridicule of people around them.

Be sure to cultivate a strong inner world, and let others say a stable mentality.

For the cold words of the outside world, we must be able to adjust your mentality in time, focus the focus of life on yourself, don’t care about the opinions and evaluations of others, just live for yourself.

When you feel a certain sense of discomfort in your heart, you must seek the help of a psychologist in time. Through the intervention of psychotherapy, you must reduce the inner discomfort and cultivate a firm self -confidence and self -esteem.

In addition to the above precautions, how should the "Stone Girl" face and treat the disease specific?

After arriving at the hospital, go to the obstetrics and gynecology department or internal medicine for a comprehensive inspection and inquiry, determine your actual situation, and choose a specific treatment plan according to your own conditions.

Today’s hospitals are the most useful for laparoscopic peritoneal vaginal forming surgery. This surgery is a minimally invasive surgery. For patients, the best healing effect can be achieved when suffering the minimum pain.

This surgery is not a particularly superb surgery. It does not require particularly top technology, but doctors need to have very fine methods.

During the operation, the doctor’s sight will be hindered, the field of vision will be restricted, and there is no transmission information in the touch.

When choosing to do surgery, be sure to make a decision as soon as possible, try to perform surgery at the beginning of the menstrual tide of patients, or perform surgery in the early days of marriage.Sex life.

After selecting surgical treatment, we must understand the precautions before surgery and the recovery and review of postoperative surgery, and insist on following the recovery to ensure that no hidden sequelae are left.


"Stone Girl" is caused by congenital dysplasia. This is just a physiological structure that is different from common women. Women with this phenomenon should not blame themselves and give up themselves. The advancement of modern medicine is enoughthe goal of.

Women should pay attention to their own health, face difficulties with a healthy lifestyle and optimistic attitude, and bravely resist.

Of course, society must also give some care and attention. When people around them learn this problem, do not ridicule and cause difficulties. They must encourage women to receive treatment, get rid of the restraint of the disease as soon as possible, and embrace the brilliant life!

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