What is going on with stiffness in the third trimester?

One or two months before the due date, or even earlier, the expectant mothers may have a sudden belly and tightened, touched hard, and sometimes even accompanied by some pain. Perhaps the novice mothers will doubt:Yet?There is still one or two months from the due date, will you not have premature birth?

Wen Kai, a maternal and gynecologist at Chongqing Anqier Maternity Hospital, said that in fact, this situation is likely to have false contractions, which can be said to be good news.Childbirth is like running a marathon. It needs to be warm up in advance. Pseudo -contractions are like the warm -up exercise before the delivery of delivery. It has a certain role in regulating the uterine muscles, promoting blood flow to the placenta, softening the cervical mouth, and helping the fetus decline.

However, it is worth noting that before 37 weeks of pregnancy, more than 4 contractions occur within 1 hour, and they need to be alert to this situation.Too frequent uterine contraction can cause blood flow, which may cause fetal hypoxia.If the frequency of contraction is not alleviated, the fetal membrane can be ruptured early, and pregnancy loss, premature birth, etc. may occur.

When a false contraction occurs, expectant mothers can rest for a while or change their posture.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to whether to be accompanied by the following abnormalities:

The belly is tight and broken

This is one of the production signals. Once it appears, it is necessary to take a flat position to be escorted by the family to the hospital. Remember not to walk around at will.

The belly is tightly accompanied by bleeding

If a small amount of pink or coffee secretions is likely to be a production signal, but if it is a bleeding similar to menstrual flow, at this time, you need to be alert to dangerous situations such as placental placenta and placenta.Ming.

The belly is tight and the fetal movement is reduced

Fetal movement is a manifestation of signs of life in the fetus. When the belly is tight and the fetal movement is significantly reduced in one day, it is necessary to be alert to abnormal conditions such as hypoxia in the palace and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Wen Kai reminded that by the third trimester, contractions and childbirth may be launched at any time. Specific mothers must pay attention to strengthening self -monitoring and counting fetal movements. Once a sign of birth or abnormal situations occur, the obstetrician will be approved, treated or given in time.(Supply of Chongqing Anqier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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