What is going on with bleeding in the private part of the woman after the same room?Reminder: Can’t escape these three reasons

[Fan Lai Lai] In a quiet town, her mother -in -law and her daughter -in -law Xiaohua lived together.Recently, she has become increasingly worried about Xiaohua’s behavior.Xiaohua goes out early every day, and always does not have home, making Zhang’s mother -in -law’s heart tightly.Xiaohua’s behavior was unusual, so that Zhang’s mother -in -law couldn’t help guessing, did she go out and mix it?

On that day, Mother -in -law’s concerns reached the peak.Xiaohua squatted in the toilet, covered her belly, and had a lot of blood flowing in her private parts.Seeing this scene, her mother -in -law became angry and disappointed.She blamed Xiaohua without checking, throwing her family peace behind her head.However, Mother -in -law Zhang did not notice that Xiaohua’s face was pale and the pain was unbearable.

In fact, Xiaohua did not do the things Zhang’s thoughts.She goes out early and returns every day, not to go to ghosts, but work hard for the family.Xiaohua’s work place is far from home, so she needs to go out early and return every day.The reason for bleeding in the toilet that day was because Xiaohua had serious gynecological diseases.

Looking at himself who is weakened, Xiaohua’s heart is full of helplessness and anxiety.She was afraid that her disease told her mother -in -law, and she was worried that the elderly would be too worried.She worked hard to hide her condition and silently tortured her body.But that day, the pain was unbearable, and she fainted in the toilet.

Women’s private bleeding may be a disturbing problem. It may occur during menstruation, but it may also happen at other times.This situation often makes women feel uneasy and worried.

1. Bleeding during menstruation:

Menstruation is part of the female physiological cycle and usually appears every month.It is the result of endometrial endometrium, accompanied by a small amount of bleeding.This kind of bleeding is usually normal, which lasts for about a few days to a week, accompanied by other menstrual symptoms, such as abdominal pain and emotional fluctuations.If women have large amounts of bleeding during menstruation, or the menstrual cycle becomes abnormal, it is recommended to consult a doctor to eliminate potential problems.

Second, bleeding related to husband and wife life:

There are many causes of bleeding in women’s private parts.Here are some common situations:

1. Dry private parts: Dry private parts refers to the lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture inside the female genitals.It may cause bleeding in private parts during sexual behavior, because private friction increases the vulnerability of the mucosa.The cause of dry private parts can be hormonal change, age factors, certain drugs or health problems.

Hormonal changes are a common cause of dry private parts.In the process of women’s experience changes in menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause, hormonal levels will change, which will affect the lubrication in the private parts.

Age factor can also lead to dry private parts.With the growth of women, the private parts will gradually become thinner, and the production of private secretions may decrease, resulting in dry private parts.

2. Private infection:

(1) Private infection is one of the common health problems for women, and may be caused by multiple reasons.This includes bacterial infection, Candida infection and other microbial infections.These infections will destroy the normal flora balance of private parts and lead to the emergence of symptoms.

(2) Candida infection is one of the most common types of private infection.Candida is a fungus that causes infection when it grows overly in the private parts.This infection may lead to private bleeding, especially after insertion in sexual or private parts.Other symptoms may include itching, abnormal white or block secretions and burning sensations.

(3) Bacterial private parts are infections caused by bacteria. Common bacteria include gas -add bacteria and lactic acid bacteria.This infection may lead to bleeding in private parts, accompanied by the appearing of the private odor, burning sensation and abnormal secretions.

3. Cervical disease: Cervical disease refers to various abnormal conditions that affect women’s cervix, including cervical erosion and cervical polyps.These diseases may cause bleeding in the life of husband and wife.Cervical erosion refers to abnormal changes in the surface tissue of the cervix and usually manifested as inflammation or ulcers.The cervical polyp refers to a benign tumor protruding in the cervix, which is usually caused by the proliferation of cervical epithelial cells.

When women suffer from cervical erosion or cervical polyps, they may experience varying degrees of bleeding in the lives of husband and wife.This is because these abnormal conditions can cause fragile cervical tissue and bleed easily with stimulation or friction.This kind of bleeding may be mild bleeding, or more severe paroxysmal bleeding.

Third, other possible reasons:

In addition to the above situations, other reasons for the bleeding of women’s private parts also include the following situations:

1. Endocrine disorders: certain endocrine disorders, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or thyroid problems, may cause irregular bleeding.

2. Uterine fibroids: Uterine fibroids are a common benign tumor, which may cause irregular menstruation and abnormal bleeding.If you suspect that you have uterine fibroids, you should consult a doctor for examination and treatment.

Precautions and suggestions:

1. Pay attention to the menstrual cycle: Women should pay close attention to their menstrual cycle and pay attention to any changes in abnormal bleeding or cycle.If abnormalities occur, consult a doctor to obtain professional advice.

2. Maintaining good hygiene: It is important to maintain good hygiene in private parts.Use mild cleaner to clean the vulva area and avoid irritating chemical products.

3. Avoid excessive cleaning: Private parts are self -cleaning organs. Excessive cleaning may damage the natural balance of private parts.Avoid using strong cleaner, soap or washing agent.

4. Regular gynecological examination: Regular gynecological examination is an important step for women to maintain health.Regular inspection helps to discover potential problems in the early stage and take timely measures.

Bleeding from women’s private parts may be caused by multiple reasons, some of which are normal, and others may require doctors’ evaluation and treatment.Women should understand their bodies and maintain communication with doctors in order to deal with any unusual situation in time.Maintaining good hygiene habits and regular gynecological examinations can help women maintain health and comfort.

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