What is going on with "depression" and "protruding" of pregnant women’s navel?Doctor: Affected by these 3 factors

Xiaoxue was pregnant for more than 7 months. Recently, she suddenly found that her navel protruded. In the face of such changes, Xiaoxue was a little overwhelmed. She was worried that her navel protruding would affect the development of baby.At the same time, Xiaoxue wondering if many pregnant women are like a navel like herself?After Xiaoxue went to see the girlfriend’s pregnant belly, but the girlfriend’s belly button was sunken. This makes Xiaoxue and her girlfriend doubt. Why are some pregnant women’s belly button depressed, but some are protruding?

In fact, for many expectant mothers, the baby breeding baby is a very happy thing, but in the process, when you find some changes in the body, you will still worry about it.So what is the difference between pregnant women’s belly button or "protruding"?1. Increased gestational weekly and fetal activities

Generally, when I was pregnant, many expectant mothers’ navels were "depressed" in. After the increase of pregnancy weeks, the fetal development became bigger and bigger, and the stomach of the expectant mother became more and more drag.Some expectant mothers’ navels slowly "protruding".

In addition, with the development of the fetus, the baby’s limbs are becoming more and more flexible, the activity is becoming more and more frequent, and sometimes the strength of activity is getting greater and more. Due to the influence of the baby’s fetal movement, it is also easy to cause the mother’s belly button to go outward."Progressive", of course, the "protruding" of the navel caused by this reason is generally normal. Not only do expectant mothers not have to worry, they should also be happy that the baby will develop well.2. Fetal growth rate and the size of the pregnant woman’s uterus

About 28 weeks after pregnancy, the growth rate of baby baby (especially the increase in subcutaneous fat) will be faster than before. Of course, at this stage, the bulge rate of the prospective mother’s belly will increase.

For some quasi -mothers with a thin body, because the space inside the uterus may be relatively narrow, the baby’s baby may continue to go outside in order to stay more comfortably in the stomach of the expectant mother.As a result, the prospective mother’s belly button is relatively protruding.On the contrary, if the expectant mother is relatively large, the space in the uterus may be a bit spacious, which is enough to accommodate the growing body of the baby.3. The elasticity of the skin’s belly skin

Before pregnancy, some expectant mothers insist on exercising every day. After pregnancy, the skin on the belly of these expectant mothers will definitely be very flexible. In this case, even if the baby’s baby grows up, the prospective mother’s belly button goes out.The probability of "protruding" will also be relatively small.

On the contrary, if the expectant mothers do not often exercise their bodies before pregnancy, then after pregnancy, the skin on the belly will be relatively relaxed, so that as the fetus grows and develops, the body will gradually increase.The navel is likely to "protrude" out.Of course, the prospective mother’s belly button is also normal for this reason. Don’t worry about affecting the development of the fetus.

Some prospective mothers who are "protruding" in the navel may be overwhelmed in the face of changes in the body. At the same time, they will also be particularly worried about the development of the baby.In fact, the navel of the navel during pregnancy is normal, whether it is "protruding" or "depression", it is a normal physiological phenomenon. Specific mothers only need to pay attention to the following points.Don’t buckle the navel: Even if the navel of "protruding" or "depression" looks "dirty" and "obstructing", expectant mothers should not deduct, so as not to cause unnecessary accidents.Do not overwork: You must know that expectant mothers can also protrude from the navel out of pregnancy during pregnancy.In order to make the baby baby better develop, it is recommended that expectant mothers better combine work and rest.

In short, whether the navel is "depressed" or "protruding" during pregnancy, this is a normal phenomenon, and expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.It is recommended to eat a balanced diet and check on time. Don’t be too tired.

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