What is expectant mother’s pregnancy?4 methods for you to say goodbye to you

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After Li Mei and her husband got married, they had no children who had no children, and her mother -in -law urged from time to time. The two were not young. Hurry up and have a child.

The young couple also felt that her mother -in -law was right. Now they are relatively stable in all aspects, and they are indeed as the mother -in -law said that the older, the risk of pregnancy will increase.The two began to prepare for pregnancy.

Soon after, Li Mei reacted. After the "two bars" appeared in the test strip, the whole family was very happy, and Li Mei began to enjoy the feeling of being carefully taken care of.

However, the pregnancy vomiting also tossed Li Mei enough. Li Mei found that every morning was particularly obvious, often when she was in bed, she hid in the bathroom to retider.

The other is that she can’t smell the oil fume of cooking. Before pregnancy, Li Mei often got off the kitchen. Now she dare not step into the kitchen. The mother -in -law came to help and comforted her that women were pregnant.

Li Mei is also grateful to her mother -in -law’s understanding.

01. Pregnant mothers are sensitive to some odors.

Pregnancy is indeed a kind of torture for expectant mothers. Because of individual differences, many mothers are sensitive to some odors, especially the taste of oil fume can disgust most pregnant women.

Maybe there was no feeling in the first minute, and vomiting in the next minute.Many pregnant mothers also responded that in addition to oil fume, other strong odors make their stomach uncomfortable.

02. The taste of pregnant women will change.

The father who is unclear is also doubtful. Sometimes what pregnant mothers suddenly want to eat, they don’t even look at it before pregnancy.I can’t even eat anymore now.

In fact, even the pregnant mother was curious. It was obviously a food that loved to eat. After pregnancy, not only did she have no appetite in front of her, but even disgusted.

Pregnancy vomiting can make the mother’s appetite poor and directly affect the mood.

First, pregnancy vomiting is a kind of early pregnancy reaction.

Generally, from the sixth week, pregnant mothers will have different degrees of early pregnancy reactions, and nausea vomiting acid water, vomiting and other manifestations occur.

Pregnancy vomiting makes the mother very painful, but due to individual differences, each person’s early pregnancy response is different. Some pregnant women have no such reaction throughout the pregnancy, but some mothers are in pain throughout pregnancy.Most of the pregnant mothers will gradually disappear after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Second, pregnancy or hormone level and psychological state.

Although the specific cause of pregnancy is not very clear in medicine, it will be considered on the one hand that it may be related to the level of maternity hormones.

Because the hormone level is relatively high after pregnancy, the secretion of gastric acid is reduced, and her own loss of appetite will easily lead to nausea and vomiting.On the other hand, after the pregnant woman has a baby, the psychological or mental is nervous and anxious, which will easily cause gastric dysfunction.

Under normal circumstances, pregnancy vomiting does not cause any harm to mothers.You only need to find a way to relieve your discomfort.

01. Pregnant mothers avoid letting themselves be on an empty stomach.

Many mothers vomit because they eat, so they are afraid of eating. In fact, the more empty their stomachs, the more uncomfortable them.If the mother vomits is severe, let yourself relieve it, and then eat some foods that can mobilize your appetite to stop vomiting.

The cause of severe pregnancy vomiting in the morning is also due to the state of an empty stomach when they wake up in the morning.

Once a mother said that because she was severe during her pregnancy, before getting up, let the family help the family help simple cleaning and mouthwash, eat a few pieces of biscuits or drink a few mouthfuls of rice porridge, and then get up to the activity, which will relieve a lot.

Therefore, the mother should not let the stomach feel empty, try to eat on time, and find something to eat when you are hungry.If you are busy, you can prepare some convenient food for yourself.For example, foods such as apples, soda biscuits, and yogurt will not only help the body digestion, but also have a relief effect.If it is serious, you can also include ginger slices or plum to relieve the symptoms of nausea.

02. Mom diet should be light during pregnancy.

Some greasy foods can affect the digestive system and cause discomfort. At this time, the mother will feel nauseous.

Therefore, the mother should choose light and digestible food, especially the entire pregnancy period should avoid eating cold and spicy food.These unhealthy foods may affect the body of pregnant women and directly affect appetite.

For the healthy development of the fetus, the mother should try to balance all kinds of nutrition.Fish, shrimp, eggs, vegetables, fruits and grains, etc. are ingested.

If pregnant mothers have difficulty eating in early pregnancy, they can not follow the habits of three meals a day. In the case of health, they can increase the number of eating and food.

In fact, a lot of things must be flexibly adjusted according to their own situation.Although nutrition is important for pregnant women and fetuses, if pregnant women have severe vomiting, they cannot force themselves to eat some nutritious but disgusted foods.

At least, you have to make you eat smoothly. After the pregnancy reaction is over, you can gradually adjust it. There are many foods with the same nutrients. You can choose other foods you like to replace.

03. Keep the indoor air circulation and reduce the stimulation of oil fume to pregnant women.

For healthy people, not fresh air can make people feel dizzy and disgusting, let alone pregnant women who are sensitive to smell.

Some pregnant women who can’t stand the smell of oil fume. When making a cooking, remember to turn on the hood or window to keep the indoor air fresh.

If pregnant women have to cook themselves, try to use less cooking methods such as cooking, so that it is not only good for pregnant women to the fetus.And can also avoid your own appetite.

In fact, if the early response of pregnant women is obvious, the family is better to understand some mothers and try to get the kitchen as much as possible to help pregnant women spend this painful period as soon as possible.

04. Pregnant women avoid overwork and reduce psychological pressure.

The relative stages of early pregnancy are important, not only with early pregnancy reactions, but also unstable fetus.Especially after pregnancy, the mother -in -law should adjust her time to avoid being too fatigue.

Because after pregnancy, she is easy to be nervous and stressful after pregnancy.Novice mothers will also worry about the fetus in the abdomen.If you are too tired and anxious, it will directly affect your appetite and even increase your pregnancy reaction.

Therefore, my mother try to relax and relieve her tension.

Although these small methods can alleviate the pregnancy reaction, if the pregnant mother is so serious that they cannot eat or even cause electrolyte disorders, they should go to the hospital to supplement the nutrient solution.

Generally, the reaction time of pregnancy will not be too long. As long as the pregnant mother pays more attention to rest, and according to her own situation, reasonably adjusts her diet.The family gives more understanding and help, and I believe it will spend this painful period soon.

What other tricks do pregnant mothers deal with pregnancy vomiting?Welcome to share!

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