What is back pain in the second trimester?The reason is nothing more than these three types. Do not take it lightly

As the number of pregnancy weeks increases, the pregnant mother’s belly will become larger and bigger, and the body will become more and more bulky, especially in the late pregnancy period prone to back pain or leg pain.If the symptoms of pain are more serious, it will also make pregnant mothers very troublesome. It is best to use some methods to relieve and treat.So, what are the reasons and relief methods of back pain in the second trimester?

In summary, the cause of back pain in the second trimester is mainly the following:

1. The increase in the volume of the placenta and the number of amniotic fluid in the late pregnancy, which leads to compression and overweight lumbar spine, which is one of the main causes of back pain in the later stages of pregnancy.

2. During pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body can change significantly, which can cause pelvic ligament to relax and cause different degrees of back pain symptoms.

3. The quasi -mothers are poor in their constitution. Insufficient exercise and always lying will cause back pain in the late pregnancy.

Back pain in the second trimester can be relieved through these methods:

1. In the second trimester, you can wear a dedicated belly band at the abdomen when you have back pain to support the abdomen and reduce the pressure on the waist, thereby alleviating the effect of low back pain.But when wearing, pay attention to the use of the right size and strength to avoid compressing the abdomen.

2. When standing or sitting, you should take the correct posture. For example, when you stand, it is best to divide your legs slightly, straighten your back, and raise your chest.It can also hold the abdomen or waist properly, which can also reduce the pressure on the waist.When you sit, you should also straighten your waist. You can put the back waist pad up the waist pillow to play a supporting effect.

3. Usually you ca n’t always lie down, but you should exercise appropriately. You can also perform some exercise that can strengthen your body and waist, such as gymnastics or swimming.However, exercise should be performed according to your own physical strength.

4. Avoid bedtime beds in the second trimester, because the bed is too soft, which will cause the waist to be sinking without support. After waking up, it is easy to cause or aggravate low back pain.

5. The process of standing up or sitting is slow, don’t be too fast, and it is best to support a solid helping object first to better prevent the symptoms of low back pain in the later pregnancy.

6. You should choose to choose loose clothes and more comfortable shoes. Do not wear high heels. Do not exceed four centimeters.

7. Usually eat more nutritious foods, such as protein, calcium, and various vitamin foods can strengthen the body and reduce the symptoms of back pain during pregnancy.

In addition to the above methods to relieve and prevent back pain through the above method, the quasi -mothers who are in the second trimester can also massage and compresses the waist appropriately, which also has a certain relief effect.If the symptoms of pain are very serious, it is best to go to the hospital for related examinations.

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