What is an abnormal leucorrhea?In these 6 cases, women cannot drag

Prototal abnormalities are the early symptoms of many gynecological diseases. When leucorrhea abnormalities occur, they should attract the attention of female friends. Go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible to achieve better treatment results, but it is often difficult to clear what is leucorrhea abnormalities. Next, we will come next.Come and find out what is an abnormal leucorrhea.

Normally, normal leucorrhea should be white or transparent without odor, and the amount of leucorrhea will change with the changes in the menstrual cycle.Generally, in the days when menstruation or just ending, the leucorrhea will become slightly more, and the color will become turbid, because the content of the shedding cells is more.In the ovulation period, leucorrhea will also increase, presented as transparent, looks like egg white, which is thick and brushed, and the amount of white belt is reduced after ovulation.In addition, there will be more leucorrhea during pregnancy or after sexual life.

1. The leucorrhea is water -like

The leucorrhea itself has a certain degree of viscosity. If a water -like leucorrhea appears, it also indicates that the body may have abnormalities. For example, if you have cervical cancer or endometrial cancer, you may cause water -like leucorrhea. At this timeDiagnose diagnosis in time.

2. Yellow -green purulent leucorrhea

As mentioned above, the normal leucorrhea should be white or transparent. From the color perspective, it can be seen that the leucorrhea is abnormal very intuitive. Generally, the abnormal leucorrhea may become yellow or yellow -green, and the leucorrhea will become very sticky.Thick, this shows that there may be the possibility of vaginitis.

4. The leucorrhea is tofu -like or cheese -shaped

The typical symptom of mold vaginitis is vaginal vaginal discharge or cheese -like secretions. At the same time, there may be very severe vulvar itching, which may have a serious impact on daily life. ThereforeThe tofu residue is the same or cheese, so you should seek medical treatment in time.

5, leucorrhea with blood

Vaginal hemorrhage is the symptoms of many severe gynecological diseases. When the initial condition is relatively mild, there may be blood wires in the leucorrhea. This should also be paid attention to. If the bloody leucorrhea continues, it may be necessary to check whether the malignant tumor disease is obtained.

6. White strap has odor

Whether the leucorrhea is abnormal to see the color, you can also judge the smell by observing the texture. Normal leucorrhea is tasteless, and the leucorrhea caused by the disease may have a bad odor, which may be caused by gynecological diseases such as vaginitis.

Kind tips

The abnormal leucorrhea cannot be ignored. Perhaps it is the symptoms of the early stage of the disease. Female friends should pay attention to the changes in their bodies daily, and seek medical examination in time. You can use the leucorrhea routine to check the cause of the leucorrhea abnormality.

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