What is a chocolate cyst?Preparing for chocolate cysts, first surgery or first?

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With the improvement of the epidemic, the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University has resumed the consultation on February 24.The center launched the [Spring Blossoms] series of lucky science articles. During the epidemic, he guided everyone to help scientifically assists in the epidemic, bringing good pregnancy to every friend and every family.Take a look at chocolate cysts today ~

Chocolate cysts are one of the common infertility factors. The incidence rate is 10%to 15%.

What is chocolate cyst?

The tissue that should have grown in the uterus was very naughty to the ovaries. Because the ovaries containing old blood and influenced by estrogen, it would cause it to be exfoliated and bleed like the clinical phenomenon of "menstruation".Stay in the ovaries without coming, gradually becoming sticky, brown, and shaped like chocolate. Over time, a "chocolate cyst" is formed.

If you have dysmenorrhea, it means a chocolate cyst?

70%to 80%of patients will have pelvic pain in varying degrees. Pain often manifests as secondary and aggregate, but some ovarian chocolate cysts have no symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

40%~ 50%of patients are infertile, and pelvic nodules and blocks may occur.

Internal diseases that violate special organs are usually accompanied by other symptoms.

What does chocolate cysts affect women’s fertility?

1. Chocolate cysts cause ovarian leather stretching, thinning and fibrosis around the ovarian leather around the cyst, causing the follicles to lock and apoptosis in the early stages.

2. Chocolate cysts reduce the density of follicles in the ovaries, reduce sinus follicles, and fertility decreases.

3. Chocolate cysts cause inflammatory response, affecting the nearby ovarian cortex, the longer the duration, the more serious the degree.

About 30%-50%of patients with endometriosis are accompanied by infertility, and the natural pregnancy rate is only 2%-10%.Therefore, it is necessary to detect early treatment early.

How to diagnose chocolate cysts?

Check whether there are chocolate cysts such as ultrasound, laparoscopy, MRI, serum CA125, etc., where laparoscopy is a "gold standard" for diagnosis of chocolate cysts.

Laparoscopy allows doctors to clearly see the tissue and organ of the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity. At the same time, the cysts are peeled, the ovaries and uterus are retained, which greatly increases the chance of women’s conception. Compared with traditional surgery,Laparoscopic trauma, fast recovery, short hospitalization time, is a better treatment option.

Is it first surgery or pregnancy when encountering chocolate cysts?

When the chocolate cyst has the following indications, the surgery can be considered:

The diameter of the attachment cyst is ≥4 cm, which is prompted to be combined with other tumors. The treatment of dysmenorrhea is invalid, the infertility and the ovarian reserve function is good.

Surgical method: Preferred laparoscopic cyst removal (lower recurrence rate, higher pregnancy rate); you can also choose cyst puncture, inner wall electrostatic surgery; infertility patients at the same time perform uterine laparoscopic and tubal liberalization test.

However, the recurrence rate of chocolate cysts is high, the recurrence rate of 2 years after surgery is 21.5%, and the recurrence rate of 5 years after surgery is 40%to 50%.Therefore, patients who have done surgery should prepare for pregnancy as soon as possible ~

How to choose the correct pregnancy aid plan after surgery?

When suffering from chocolate cysts, you need to comprehensively consider the factors of both parties (the age of the woman’s age, the staging of internal diseases, the function of the ovarian reserve, and the men’s factors), and choose the appropriate pregnancy -aid solution.

For women over 35 years of age, you should reduce the time of pregnancy, and you can also start to be taught immediately after surgery."Artificial insemination" auxiliary reproductive technology can increase the chance of conception.

If laparoscopic is not pregnant for one year, IVF babies are recommended.

Infertility of infertility or infertility of recurrence internal disease or ovarian dysfunction does not recommend surgical treatment. It is recommended to directly do IVF pregnancy.

A picture reviews the uterine endometriosis strategy

If you are preparing for pregnancy, if you encounter chocolate cysts, you need to communicate well with the doctor, choose the method of gestation according to your own situation, and strive for early pregnancy!

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