What is "Yin B -ultrasound"?Do you have to do it once every girl?Don’t be shy, tell you the answer

What kind of experience is doing "yin -type B -ultrasound", do you know?In related topics on the Internet, many netizens shared their own experience.


Yin Chao does not hurt. It depends on the physiological situation of my personal physiological situation. Anyway, I do n’t feel much anyway, but my friends feel uncomfortable when I do it.


Before the inspection, I was too nervous. Actually, it was okay. When the probe entered, there was a very short and very slight pain.Think back, it seems that it is not painful at all. It should be opened. I think it is much better than the inspection and a cotton swab.


When I saw the probe, I was dumbfounded, a little bigger than I thought.When I first entered, I shouted and frightened the doctor.After a while, the doctor started looking at the screen. I went to the right and right to explore. I have no discomfort.But the one taken out was a bit painful, but for a moment.

Many people may have misunderstandings about "Yin Chao", worrying that it will cause abortion or gynecological inflammation … What is the fact?

Gynecological B ultrasound generally has two types of examinations: meridian ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound.

The abdominal ultrasound is the traditional examination method. The ultrasonic probe is placed in the abdomen examination, which requires patients to hold urine in advance and fill the bladder.

The vaginal ultrasound is to put the ultrasound directly in the vagina. The probe only touch the outer mouth of the cervix and will not enter the uterine cavity.

Dr. Huang Guiying, affiliated to Southwest Medical University, said that the vaginal ultrasound can clearly observe the growth and development of ovulation, luteal and follicles, and can also be used for diagnosis of confirmation of ectopic pregnancy, uterine occupying diseases, and diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome and chocolate cysts.

Compared with the B -ultrasound of the abdomen, the position of the yin super probe is closer to the uterus and ovaries, which can be exempted from the effects of intestinal gas interference and abdominal wall sound attenuation.Vaginal ultrasound images are clear, high resolution, and more accurate test results, but women with a sex history cannot in principle do not do vaginal ultrasound examination.

Compared with the B -ultrasound of the abdomen, the obtained by the yin super does not need to fill the bladder, that is, there is no need to "urinate". It can avoid the distress of drinking a lot of water and urinating. It saves time and will not make the inspector be nervous.

Although the process of doing Yin Chao may be a bit embarrassing or uncomfortable, Xu Xianming, director of obstetrics and gynecology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, reminded that through Yin Chao, we can harvest the following "results".

1. Clarify the position of the gestational sac

In the early pregnancy, through Yin Chao inspection, it was determined that the expectant mothers had "ectopic pregnancy".Once diagnosed, measures can be taken as soon as possible to terminate pregnancy.

2. Clarify the number of embryos and development

It can be clearly determined whether it is a single or multi -child, and the fetal buds and fetal hearts can be detected at the same time to determine the baby’s development.

3. Found the uterus abnormal development early

In the early pregnancy, the embryo was relatively small. B -ultrasound observed the symptoms of uterine development such as uterine malformations, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts in the B -ultrasound.

From this point of view, for Yin Chao is a project that every woman must do?


Although Yin Chao is good, it is not necessary.Doctors remind: Patients after uterine resection, women who have no sexual life, and women of menstruation are not suitable for yin super examination.

Regarding Yin Chao, there are some misunderstandings for women who have not done it. Let the experts answer them one by one today.

1. Can I still do it after pregnancy?Will it hurt the baby?

Dr. Qiu Yan, the Maternal and Children’s Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that pregnant mothers have concerns about Yin Chao. One is to be afraid of vaginal infections, and the other is that radiation has the effect of radiation on the embryo.

Regarding the first point, the tools used during the inspection are disposable disinfection appliances. The isolation set of ultrasonic probes is also a one -person change without worrying about infection.And there is no need to worry about the second question.Ultrasonic waves are a kind of physical sound waves are not ionized radiation and electromagnetic radiation, and have no harm to human tissue.

2. Will Yin Chao induce vaginitis?

After a vaginal examination, some girls will feel itching and worry that they will have vaginitis.Dr. He Ling, the Reproductive Center of the First People’s Hospital of Foshan, explained that itching is likely to be allergic to the latex condom of the B -ultrasound probe. Generally, it will be eliminated by itself without too much worry.If the symptoms are worse, it is not relieved, it is recommended to check it.

3. Does it hurt to do yin super?

Many women are worried that Yin Chao’s examination will hurt and have fear.Indeed, Yin Chao’s examination requires foreign bodies into the body. There will be more discomfort, but it will not be tolerated to the degree of pain.

4. What preparations should be made before checking?

Dr. Qiu Yuwen, an ultrasonic chamber of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Southern Hospital, said that Yin Chao’s inspection needs to be close to the cervical and vaginal dome of the subject. Therefore, urination and defecation must be performed before the examination to empty the bladder.

In addition, during the scanning process, the probe may be oppressed due to some pathological or physiological conditions, and sore discomfort may occur.In this case, patients need to cooperate with the doctor’s requirements to use both hands to assist the hips higher, or press the abdominal wall to compress the pelvic organs to complete the examination.

In short, relaxation will help precisely check the abnormalities in the body.

All in all, the benefits of women’s yin super inspection are far greater than the disadvantages. Especially for mothers in the early pregnancy, they must follow the doctor’s advice and check on time, so as to understand the embryo situation in time and ensure the health of the baby.

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