What insurance can be reimbursed from pregnancy to giving birth?The latest strategy can help you save a lot of money

Recently, there are many news about fertility policy: not only in the Jiangsu area released new regulations to extend the women’s maternity leave to 158 days, the children’s 3 -year -old ex -wife to enjoy a 10 -day parental leave each year, but also at the two national sessions yesterday.To further reduce the burden on parents.

① Pay attention to the career development channel of enterprises and employees to solve the worries of women’s workplace; ② Industrial parks increase the support for childcare and support conditions for employers with conditions;Artificial intelligence technology helps parents to carry out family education.

As Xiaoxing said, since the promulgation of the three -child policy on May 31 last year, all parts of the country have been implementing and formulating more policies to encourage fertility.

Of course, Xiaoxing, like everyone, looks forward to more supporting measures to improve women’s fertility, employment, and children’s educational environment.

But what Xiaoxing wants to focus today is that for women who prepare for pregnancy, how to avoid fertility during pregnancy, it is recommended to collect it, and it must be used in the future.

Pregnancy is a very hard thing. Expectant mothers must not only bear various physical discomfort, but also face the risk of diseases that may occur during pregnancy, such as: pregnancy hypertension, gestational diabetes, etc.

So what should we do to avoid these risks?Are there any products that can be reimbursed during pregnancy?Let’s talk to everyone below.

This insurance covers the social security we pay, which mainly includes two aspects of benefits, namely: reimbursement of maternity medical expenses can receive tens of thousands of maternity allowances

The cost of reimbursement of maternity medical expenses, which is the cost incurred before and after the hospitalization of prenatal examinations and delivery. Generally speaking, these costs do not need to spend any money after the maternity insurance is completed.

In fact, the cost of maternity medical care is still a small head, and the larger head is the maternity allowance.Maternity allowances = the company’s average monthly salary of employees last year/30*Number of maternity leave days.The national unified regulations stipulate that female employees have maternity leave for 98 days.

The maternity allowance is paid by the fertility fund. Generally, the maternity allowance is collected, and the company does not need to pay the salary of maternity leave.It is equivalent to your maternity leave salary, which is issued by fertility insurance, but some companies will pay more.

Because of the average salary of the company’s employees, some people’s maternity leave income is higher than the usual salary.The country’s regulations are: which one of the company has to give a high maternity allowance and maternity leave salary.If the fertility allowance is lower than the usual salary, the company can be required to make up the difference.

By the way, like Jiangsu, many places now have extended maternity leave. Some can ranging from 158 days and 178 days. Therefore, related allowances and policies have also changed.

If at this pregnancy, Xiaoxing recommends that you can call social security calls 12333 to ask.

Maternity insurance is our basic benefits. It is recommended that mothers in each pregnancy must be available. During pregnancy or pregnancy, it is not recommended to leave social security.

At the same time, although maternity insurance is good, there are also restrictions on reimbursement. For example, it is necessary to pay for reimbursement treatment for one year, the cost of social security is not reported, and some pregnancy complications can only be reimbursed to a certain percentage.

Therefore, the risk of pregnancy is only not enough to rely on fertility insurance.

Maternal and infant insurance is an exclusive insurance exclusive during pregnancy. It can cover the costs of pregnancy complications, abortion, death, etc., and ensure that neonatal congenital diseases, jaundice and other maternity insurances cannot be reimbursed.

Everyone rest assured that the price of maternal and infant insurance is relatively cheap, and it is only a few hundred dollars to buy a copy, so Xiaoxing suggested that expectant mothers supplement one copy on the basis of social security, which is very practical.

Regarding the choice of product, Xiaoxing’s suggestion is: if you are worried about pregnancy risk, such as: pre -placental placenta, amniotic fluid embolism, eclampsia and other pregnancy complications, choose to ensure comprehensive mother and baby insurance, and even choose some high -end medical care; if you are worriedThe risk of newborns can choose to protect neonatal congenital diseases; if you are worried about jaundice, you can buy a jaundice product.

No matter what product you choose, you must look at the actual situation of your mother to buy.

In addition to the above products, Xiaoxing suggested that you have all the three insurances of millions of medical insurance, accident insurance, and critical illness insurance early before pregnancy.Millions of medical insurance: Although there is no fertility -related diseases, they can reimburse medical expenses for hospitalization for hospitalization; critical illness insurance: In case of serious illness during pregnancy, you can pay a lot of money directly;So the stool is easy to accident.

Due to the insurance during pregnancy, accident insurance is not limited, but critical illness insurance and millions of medical insurance will be limited. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare them in advance so that you can do not care after pregnancy.Of course, if you are pregnant and you do n’t encounter a more suitable product, you can consider after you have a child.

Fertility is definitely not an easy task, so we must ensure a comprehensive guarantee.Last week, Xiaoxing talked about the IVF. Someone might ask: Can IVFB buy maternal and baby insurance?

At present, due to the greater risk of IVF, most of the maternal and infant insurances are except. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy it, but you can consider buying a special IVF insurance product.

By the way, I will remind it to: At present, most maternal and infant insurance can be bought as long as it does not exceed 28 weeks, so there is no need to worry. It can be bought after pregnancy, but critical illness insurance and medical insurance are recommended to buy in advance.

That’s it for today. Everyone can ask Xiaoxing if you have any questions; I also hope that all mothers can give birth to healthy and happy babies safely.

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